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2016-01-26 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 6.7.0 release
	* sql/utils.lisp: Apply patch from Martin Simmons for
	Lispworks 7 compatiblity

2016-01-17 Russ Tyndall 
        * applied patches from Javeier Olaechea
	* allows unix socket connections in clsql-postgressql-socket3
	* modernize asd slightly

2015-10-09 Russ Tyndall 
        * add decimals.lisp file https://github.com/tlikonen/cl-decimals
	* use this for safe parsing of numeric / decimal / rational types
	* Added because newer postgres print money types as currency strings

2015-08-12 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 6.6.3 release
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Patch for PostgreSQL socket interface
	for unicode characters. Thanks to Jason Melbye.

2015-06-02 Daniel Kochmański 
	* clsql.asd, sql/package.lisp: Add ECL compatibility fixes
	* sql/db-interface.lisp: Fix declaration typo

2015-04-06 Russ Tyndall 
	* sql/operations, sql/expressions: add postgresql E-string
	operator / expression.  Needed for correct regex handling
	EG: [E "some string"]=> E'some string'

2015-03-30 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 6.6.2 release
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Remove extra hyphen, thanks to
	Thomas Vossen
2015-03-24 Russ Tyndall 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: fixed call-next-method in the base of
	read-sql-value and replaced with a continuable
	* default read-sql-value for list
	* tests for sql-value-conversion-errors and list

2015-03-18 Russ Tyndall 
	* {uffi,db-mysql}/Makefile: remove -pie build hardening for
	which caused load issues for Linux Mint

2015-03-18 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 6.6.1 release
	* {uffi,db-mysql}/Makefile: Remove pie from build
	hardening options for Debian/Ubuntu systems. Thanks to
	DJ  and Russ Tyndall 

2015-02-26 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 6.6.0 release
	* {uffi,db-mysql}/Makefile: Add build hardening for Debian

2015-02-24 Russ Tyndall 
	* mysql-sql.lisp
	an error in type declarations generating a compilation warning
	was being treated as an error in recent SBCLs, fixed the type
	warning by correcting the type (still a ton of compliation

2015-02-23 Russ Tyndall 
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp
	made reinitialize-instance return the instance passed to it as
	SBCL now expected (mentioned on the SBCL-devel mailing list by

2014-12-03 Russ Tyndall 
	* sqlite-sql.lisp
	Added database arg to `canonicalize-result-types` so that it could
	correctly call `sqlite-aref` with the required number of arguments
	Thanks Zach Beane for the bug report.

2014-07-29 Russ Tyndall 
	* mysql-api.lisp, mysql-sql.lisp, test-connection.lisp
	Added code to the mysql backend to pull all result sets as
	multiple args.  This fixes a bug in the mysql backend where trying
	to query after executing a stored procedure (even on a pooled
	connection) would raise an error about the connection being out of
	sync.  The second result set for the stored procedure seems to be
	empty, so not sure why we need to iterate past it.

	patch / bugreport provided by: Ilya Khaprov deadtrickster@github

2014-06-11 Russ Tyndall 
	* databases.lisp, sqlite3-sql.lisp
	Similar to and overriding the patch 2014-01-30 937a3d, adds a
	default-encoding variable uses that in places where a nil encoding
	was being passed. Defaults to :utf-8.  This is mostly in place so
	that uffi and cffi both work similarly (by moving the default into
	clsql instead of clsql-uffi).  This allows my automated build
	environment to do its job

2014-06-10 Russ Tyndall 

	* db-mysql/Makefile - the results of dpkg-buildflags --get LDFLAGS
	seem to have changed on my system and and sed was returning
	invalid command line arguments to ld.  To resolve this I changed
	sed to emit valid args, which seems to have resolved the issue.

2014-04-24 Russ Tyndall 
	* oodml.lisp, test-oodml.lisp Better handling of view-slots of
	type symbol/keyword.  Better handling of printing and reading
	bindings (per mailing list request, always read and write in base

2014-03-04  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 6.5.0: New release
	* makefile.common: Check for /usr/bin/dpkg-buildflags
	* {db-mysql,uffi}/Makefile: Use debian buildflags

2014-02-24 Russ Tyndall 
	* oodml.lisp bind *print-length* to nil before printing
	lists/arrays to the database.

2014-01-30 Russ Tyndall 
	* sqlite3-sql.lisp specify :utf-8 as the default encoding if there
	is not one (allows :clsql-cffi to be closer to working for this

	I ran the test suite successfully once with :clsql-cffi, but there
	after I got spurious errors and especially unrecoverable errors
	while connecting about the database being locked

2014-01-30 Russ Tyndall 
	* sqlite3-sql.lisp, fddl.lisp Dont compare database-identifiers
	with invalid comparison operators

2014-01-30 Russ Tyndall 
	* generic-odbc.lisp, ooddl.lisp, generic-postgresql.lisp,
	test-init.lisp, ds-nodes.lisp, generic-odbc.lisp, odbc-sql.lisp

	auto-increment-column support improvement (mssql esp, now will
	auto-fill after insert). Use +auto-increment-names+ to determine

	This triggered much test failing as regards normalized classes /
	autoincrement primary key stuff.

	New odbc-postgresql-database sub-type

	1 ) Previously all classes in a normalized heirachy had their p-key
	marked as "auto-increment".  Usually auto-increment means a key
	supplied by the database system, so this was decidedly
	non-standard usage (clsql is explicitly providing the key for all
	normalized subclasses of any given parent see ds-nodes.lisp). Some
	RDMS will not allow insertion/updates of autoincrement columns
	without hoop jumping and, as it doesnt really make much sense, I
	removed the "auto-increment" aspects of normalized sub-classes.
	Now the primary keys are chained regardless. The parent-most key
	can be autoincrement or not.

	2 ) ODBC Postgresql connections are now both GENERIC-ODBC-DATABASE
	and GENERIC-POSTGRESQL-DATABASE.  Probably not a widely used path,
	but this change allows most of the previously failing tests to
	pass on this backend (we now format stuff correctly for postgres).
	I anticipate this probably is not perfect yet (IE: I probably
	missed something)

2014-01-29 Russ Tyndall 
	* oodml.lisp, generics.lisp - added
	clsql-sys::view-classes-and-storable-slots generic (added method
	previously).  Also added to-database-p keyword to allow overrides
	to distinguish between the two situations. Mostly so that
	clsql-helper:dirty-slots-mixin can filter slots when writing
	values to the database but still allow all slots to be read from
	the database

2014-01-17 Russ Tyndall 
	* oodml.lisp, generics.lisp - added filter-select-list generic
	  to allow fine grained control of generated query/object mappings
2014-01-07 Russ Tyndall 
	* clsql-uffi.lisp, sqlite3 auto-increment support
	* clsql-uffi.lisp, test-basic.lisp, fixes related to unsigned vs
          signed ints (thanks Aaron Burrow)
	* cleaning and testing

2013-09-27 Russ Tyndall 
	* fixed bug converting to boolean in db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp
	from github user Sectoid https://github.com/UnwashedMeme/clsql/pull/1

2013-06-19 Russ Tyndall 
        * sql/oodml.lisp, db-postgresql-socket3/sql.lisp,
          db-mysql/mysql-objects.lisp, sql/generic-odbc.lisp
        Refactored read-sql-value similar to the other recent refactorings

        * the symbol case now uses intern instead of read-from-string
          (which may not return a symbol and could have security issues
          since read-eval was not being unset)

        * read-eval is now off for all cases

        * centralized logic into a single case statement, hopefully making
          this more readable and debuggable

        * TODO: make these refactorings to the oracle backend (I cannot
          test against oracle and am loathe to change without testing

2013-06-19 Russ Tyndall 
        * sql/mysql-objects.lisp
        Found and refactored a way some more eql specified methods of
        database-get-type-specifier in mysql

2013-06-18 Russ Tyndall 
        * sql/oodml.lisp, sql/mysql-objects.lisp
        refactored database-output-sql-as-type in a similar fashion to
        the previous refactor of database-get-type-specifier (fewer
        methods using case instead of eql specifiers)

        * removed very strange definition of outputing floats as strings
          for something sane (it was previously doing silly work like
          setting the default read float type (which AFAICT doesnt affect

        * half of the cases nil returned "" other times it returned nil,
          now if we get a null value we return nil always

        * removed odd-logic (seemingly untouched since the initial import),
          that removed null characters from printed lists.  If we have #\null
          in a printed list, we had probably better figure out what went wrong
          there rather than destructively modifying the list output on the way
          to the DB ;; removed (substitute-char-string escaped #\Null " ")

2013-06-18 Russ Tyndall 
        * sql/generic-odbc.lisp, sql/generic-postgresql.lisp, sql/oodml.lisp

	refactored database-get-type-specifier for postgres and mssql

        Single methods with a case on the symbol arg (similar to the recent
        refactoring in oodml.lisp)

        This reduces line count and generally makes it easier to find and
        read all the backend-specific types

2013-06-10 Russ Tyndall 
        * sql/oodml.lisp, sql/generic-postgresql.lisp, doc/ref-fddl.xml,

	Updated get-database-type-specifier to handle text/longchar type
	and refactored

        * added a warning above defaulting to VARCHAR (since its probably
        NOT what is expected on a bad type specifier).

        * added a case where the specified type being a string, passes
        that string directly (to better/more easily allow db-specific

        * added cases where longchar or text converts to text, and
        exported those symbols (as this seemed type seemed to be missing
        from fddl/oddl anyway).

        * reorganized these default methods into a single method with a
        case statement rather than many eql specified methods (about half
        the code)

         * updated the docs to use text instead of longchar since text is
         a more standard db-type (pg,my,and ms all use text)

2013-11-23 Kiss Kalman 
	* utils/sql.lisp: Commit patch adding ccl getenv support

2013-04-17 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 6.4.1
	* sql/utils.lisp: Patch from Ben Hyde to add weak hash table
	support for CCL.

2013-03-07 Ryan Davis 
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.lisp - bugfix to
	adapt to changes in md5:md5sum-sequence. CLSQL now requires a
	version of MD5 released on or after 2012-11-25 (the latest version
	currenty in quicklisp). Thanks to Nicolas Neuss for the bug
	* db-odbc/odbc-sql.lisp - keep a reference to the original
	connection spec used to create `odbc-database` connections

2013-01-09 Russ Tyndall 
	sql/oodml.lisp - changed view-classes-and-storable-slots to a
	method (as it was intended to be all along)

2012-12-19 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 6.4

2012-11-20 Russ Tyndall 
	## Large refactoring of sql/oodml.lisp and surrounding code
	* cleaned up update-records-from-* to utilize a single codepath
	  previously there was much duplicate code
	* tried to further unify direct/effective slot-defs
	* cleaned up much of the normalized classes code to be more
	  consistent in how it operated, and the code it used (less
	  copy/paste more functions)
	* tried to standardize iteration a bit, previously almost all
	  of the iteration constructs in CL were used. Tried to
	  standardize on loop for readability / cohesiveness
	* made functions to more easily look up particular slots, since
	  this was being done differently in each function
	* added more doc-strings and updated documentation about
	  normalized classes
	* inner-joins that are referenced in where clauses are no longer
	  added to the select table list (since they are also referenced
	  in the join position and this led to sql errors)
	* collect-table-references methods added for sql-ident-table and

	## Semantic changes
	* disallow where-less updates from objects (ie cannot call
          update-records-from* with a keyless object)
	* ordered-class-direct-slots now returns direct-slot-definitions
	  instead of effective-slot-definitions (as per name)
	* direct-slot-definitions now contain the db-info hash table (same
	  as effective slots)
	* removed this-class arg from update-instance-from-records - used to
	  be used for normalized code, no longer needed for that.
	* find-all - bug fixes in table references, previously where clauses
	  surrounded by a list would have none of their references added to
	  the select. This was being exploited by certain code paths.  Now
	  all where clauses are searched
	  - No longer includes order-by and distinct as columns in the select
	    list.  The values seemed to be ignored in every code path and distinct
	    seemed to be intended to be used as a boolean anyway

2012-11-20  Nathan Bird  

	* update-objects-joins - changed the default of slot from t (which
	  used to mean :deferred) to :immediate (to match the default
	  behavior of other parts of the system).  It also seemed like a bad
	  default to pull all the slots that were explicitly specified to be
	  not pulled by default.  This function now accepts more special
	  values (:immediate, :deferred, :all, or a list of slots).  To get
	  the old behavior call with :slots :deferred.

2012-10-30  Russ Tyndall 
	* sql/command-object.lisp - added dates/times to the parameter value
	coersion and pulled this into a new generic prepare-sql-parameter

2012-09-04  Kevin Rosenberg  
	* Version 6.3 released

2012-09-04  Russ Tyndall 
	* sql/expressions.lisp - Try to respect the casing of symbols
	where it seems intentional (ie: is not default). This should fix
	a failing test case, and I think behaves more understandibly.

	If you specify a casing '|Foo Bar| lets treat that a string "Foo Bar"
	and output it escaped

2012-08-28  Ryan Davis 
	* db-sqlite3/sqlite3-api.lisp - allow pathnames in the connection
	settings, so '("/db/my.sqlite") and '(#P"/db/my.sqlite") are
	equivalent. Updated the docs to match.

2012-08-17  Russ Tyndall  
	* db-postgresql-socket3/package.lisp - shadow
	postgresql-notification for compatibility with new
	cl-postgres (Thanks Zach)

2012-07-09  Russ Tyndall  
        * sql/oodml.lisp - fixed a bug where the order by was being
	destructively modified, causing odd caching issues when the
	selected object was not statically known (eg unreferenced tables
	could show up in the query if they were cached by a previous call
	through this function.  I replaced this code with a
	non-destructive variant which should solve this.

	Thanks to Philipp Marek for the bug report

2012-06-25  Russ Tyndall  
	* sql/util.lisp, sql/metaclasses.lisp
	Dequote database-identifiers if needed (passed a quoted symbol)
	Metaclass args come through unquoted, so this eases interactions
	with them

2012-06-22  Russ Tyndall  
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Changed compute-effective-slot-definition
	to correctly copy the autoincrement-sequence slot to the ESD
	previously it was being skipped (seemingly by accident).  Thanks
	to flip214 on #lisp for the bug report

2012-04-26  Kevin Rosenberg  
	* Version 6.2 released: thanks to all the contributors!

2012-04-25  Nathan Bird  

	* doc/threading-warnings.txt: Adding some notes from J.T.Klein
	about the current state of thread-safety in clsql. This should be
	incorporated into the main docs at some point.

2012-04-25  Russ Tyndall 
	* sql/expressions.lisp (output-sql): on rendering update/insert
	expression values, ensure that *in-subselect* is bound to T
	so that the values will be correctly paren delimited

2012-04-24  Nathan Bird  

	* sql/expressions.lisp (output-sql): on mysql CREATE TABLE
	statements use 'ENGINE=innodb' instead of 'Type=InnoDB'. This has
	apparently been preferred since mysql 4.1 and mysql 5.5 removed
	type as a valid keyword.

2012-03-28  Russ Tyndall 

        * sql/sequences.lisp: [A Patch FROM 2011-07-28 changed sequences.
	They were previously prefixed with _CLSQL_SEQ_ but are now
	suffixed with _CLSQL_SEQ. This is likely to break existing
	implementations using the default sequence names

	setting *old-sequence-names* to T, should force using the older
	naming scheme

2012-03-27  Ryan Davis  

	* sql/expressions.lisp: Fixed bug with subqueries in the where
	clause of update-records and delete-records generating invalid
	SQL. Previously subselects in where clauses would not have enough
	parentheses, for example: "WHERE Id IN SELECT foo_id FROM bar"
	vs. "WHERE Id IN (SELECT foo_id FROM bar)"
	* tests/test-syntax.lisp: Added tests for using subqueries in the
	where clause in update-records and delete-records. Moved asserts
	in the test-output-sql/sql-ident-table function into the standard
	test framework.
	* doc/appendix.xml: added :connection-string to the information on
	ODBC connection specs, and added example code connecting to ODBC

2012-01-05  Nathan Bird  

	* db-odbc/odbc-dbi.lisp: handle sql decimal type in the same way
	as numeric type-- read into a double float.

2011-01-04  Russ Tyndall  
	* sql/operations.lisp

	Fixed bug reported by JTK related to the not-null sql-expression
	especially as used in conjunction with the is operator.

	Made null called with more than one argument throw an exception
	instead of silently discarding all arguments past the first

2012-01-04  Nathan Bird  

	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp (%sql-driver-connect): in the call to
	odbc's SQLDriverConnect default the WindowHandle argument to a null ptr so
	that connecting with :connection-string will work in the default

	I.e. you can now do things like:
	(clsql:connect '("DsnName" "UserName" "" :connection-string
	:database-type :odbc)

	I believe the DsnName and Username at that point are only used when
	printing the connection information.

2011-12-20  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 6.1.1
	* db-oracle/oracle.lisp: Typo correction (Elias Martenson)

2011-12-19  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 6.1.0
	* db-oracle/oracle.lisp: Change length function to
	uffi:foreign-string-length to handle foreign encodings.
	Thanks to Elias Martenson.

2011-11-28  Russ Tyndall  
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp, tests/test-time.lisp

	In ODBC backend, avoid going through the common lisp
	universal-time type (because it lacks support for historic dates)

	*time-conversion-function* renamed to *time-format*

	Patch from: Francisco Vides Fernandez

2011-10-18  Russ Tyndall  
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp

	Added type specifier so MSSQL nvarchar fields can make it through

2011-09-12  Russ Tyndall  
	* sql/fddl.lisp sql/generic-postgres.lisp db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp
	sql/generic-odbc.lisp sql/odbc-api.lisp sql/odbc-dbi.lisp

	Fix bugs in list-attribute(s|-types) where passing an escaped,
	instead of unescaped column name, caused these functions to return
	less data than they should have.

2011-08-03  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* CLSQL 6.0.0 released

2011-07-28  Russ Tyndall  

	* db-postgresql-socket3/: Added a backend that utilized postgres
	socket api version 3.  Uses the cl-postgres project (from
	postmodern) to handle this.  Allows use of parameterized /
	prepared queries using clsql:command-object

	* sql/{expressions,fddl, generic-postgresql, ooddl}.lisp:
	Change how database identifiers are emitted to hopefully make this
	less brittle, and more easily intuitable.

	Previously every code path that wanted to emit a
	database identifier was responsible for coercing what was provided
	into a correctly escaped string.  Sometimes two or three functions
	in a row were trying to correctly quote and output that string.  I
	have tried to centralize this type coercion and logic into a
	single code path.

	everything should now call (escaped-database-identifier thing)
	immediately before splicing a database identifier into string being
	sent to the database

   	* sql/oodml.lisp: added method choose-database-for-instance, which
	allows overriding which database connections are used based on
	object type.  Can be used to prevent connection conflicts in
	multi-threaded environments

	* sql/syntax.lisp: [foo bar] and [foo.bar] read into the same
	clsql expression now (they used to be output the same, but after
	the above database-identifier change, they were output separately

	* test/: Better, more tests, better type coercion in tests and
	throughout (%get-int)

       [edit 2012-03-28 - RT]
	* sql/sequences.lisp: Sequences were previously prefixed with
	_CLSQL_SEQ_ but are now suffixed with _CLSQL_SEQ. This is likely
	to break existing implementations using the default sequence names

	setting *old-sequence-names* to T, should force using the older
	naming scheme

2011-07-16  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.4.0 release

2011-06-27  Nathan Bird  
	* db-odbc/: memory management improvements: leak slower
	* MSSQL: TOP + DISTINCT work together

2011-06-20  Nathan Bird  

	* sql/time.lisp: Handle parsing already parsed objects.
	* sql/oodml.lisp: raise exception if we generate an update with no
	where clause; incorporate Ryszard Szopa's patch for functional
	expressions in :order-by
	* sql/expressions.lisp: (listify nil) => nil instead of (nil).
	* db-odbc/: bugfixes for working with older versions of FreeTDS;
	support for bigints that works on mssql and postgres
	* MSSQL improvements: use top instead of limit, IDENTITY can be a
	column constraint, clsql:date becomes 'smalldatetime'

2011-06-20  Nathan Bird  

	* Version 5.3.4
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.lisp: Addendum
	to Otto Diesenbacher's patch that had a spurious write a 0
	byte (to terminate string) that should have been just CCL.

2011-06-12  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.3.3
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.lisp:
	Patch from Otto Diesenbacher for UTF8 encoded strings
	for CCL. FIXME: The best patch would be to use the
	user-set encoding from the database object and use
	UFFI's encoding strings to/from octet vectors rather
	than SB-UNICODE and CCL specific code in this file.

2011-04-21  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/generics.lisp: Add defgeneric for new

2011-04-01  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.3.2
	* db-mysql/mysql-client-info.lisp: Add recognition of
	version 6 of MySQL client library.
	* sql/metaclass.lisp: Fix the fix in the reader conditional

2011-03-30  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.3.1
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Fix previous patch to work
	on non-SBCL systems

2011-03-29  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.3.0
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Apply one-line patch to fix
	for newer SBCL (thanks to Nikodemus Siivola)
	* many_files: Applied multiple patches from Holger Schauer
	to improve autoincrement capability.

2010-10-24  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.2.0
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp: Change from SBCL-specific
	to UFFI version of octets-to-strings. Reported by
	Daniel Brunner 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Apply patch from Rupert Swarbrick
	: Fix behaviour with auto-inc
	primary keys.
	* sql/expressions.lisp, tests/test-syntax.lisp: Apply
	patch from Russ Tyndall	to quote identifiers with space
	or special character.

2010-09-20  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.1.4
	* sql/{pool,database}.lisp: Pass encoding argument to
	connections made from pool and with reconnect.

2010-08-16  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.1.3
	* db-odbc/odbc-{api,dbi}.lisp: Commit patch from
	Memet Bilgin to fix issue with unicode and ODBC.

2010-08-16  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.1.2
	* uffi/clsql-uffi.lisp: Commit patch from JT Klein fixing
	invocation of uffi:convert-from-foreign-string macro. When
	time allows, I'll investigate changing UFFI's macro to
	a function call and then revert this patch.

2010-06-15  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.1.1
	* clsql-{uffi,mysql}.asd: Modify operation-done-p functions
	to guard against change introduced in new ASDF traversing.

2010-04-20  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.1.0 [DEPENDENCY UPGRADE: UFFI 2.x needed]
	* clsql-uffi.asd: Depend on UFFI version >= 2.0
	to support foreign encoding of strings.

2010-04-16  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.0.6
	* db-postgresql.lisp, sql/fddl.lisp: Fix typos [Thanks to
	Walter C. Pelissero]
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Work around type-check-function being set
	during defclass expansion in SBCL [Thanks to Walter C. Pelissero]
	* uffi/clsql-uffi.lisp: In call to uffi:convert-from-foreign-string,
	Set null-terminated-p to T when length not specified.
	[Thanks to Walter C. Pelissero]

2010-03-21  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.0.5
	* sql/fdml.lisp: Fix DO-QUERY to actually return the last value of
	the body.

2010-03-02  Nathan Bird  
	* doc/: Added a README on how to build doc; now builds on Ubuntu.
	* sql/oodml.lisp: READ-SQL-VALUE now has explicit method for
	handling double-floats and the default method will no longer
	attempt to convert values that have already been converted.
	* sql/syntax.lisp: Introduce file-enable-sql-reader-syntax which
	enables the syntax for the scope of the file without trying to
	keep track of the current syntax state.
	* sql/pool.lisp: Introduce
	clsql-sys:*db-pool-max-free-connections* which is a heuristic
	threshold for when to disconnect a connection rather than
	returning it to the pool.
	* sql/pool.lisp: Check connections for validity before returning
	to the user.

2010-03-01  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-mysql/mysql-api.lisp: Remove spurious enumeration

2010-02-16  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.0.4
	* db-mysql/mysql-api.lisp: Fix mysql_options UFFI parameter list
	* doc/ref-connect.xml: Document the MySQL options parameter as
	part of	the connection-spec.

2010-02-15  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-mysql/mysql-{api,sql}.lisp: Support sending options
	to MySQL using mysql_options, which occurs between the API calls
	of mysql_init and mysql_real_connect.

2010-02-11  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.0.3
	* multiple-files: Further internationalization. Change
	invocations to use the foreign character set encoding of the
	database object. Requires UFFI v.1.8.6
	* Makefile.common: Fix OS_DARWIN64 setting

2010-02-11  Nathan Bird  
	* MSSQL: better support for fddl 'date type.

2010-02-11  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Makefile.common, uffi/Makefile, db-mysql/Makefile:
	Better support OS X Snow Leopard by building universal
	(x86_64,i386) dylib bundles

2010-02-08  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.0.2
	* sql/database.lisp: Fix missing slot-accessor 
	(Thanks to Stelian Ionescu)
	* sql/generics.lisp: Add missing keyword to defgeneric
	(Thanks to Stelian Ionescu)

2010-02-07  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.0.1
	* sql/{base-classes,database}.lisp: Add encoding slot for 
	non-ASCII strings.
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Use UFFI:FOREIGN-ENCODED-OCTET-COUNT.
	Requires UFFI version 1.8.2 or above.

2010-02-06  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 5.0.0: First release of CLSQL to formally and
	consistently support non-ASCII strings with encoding of external
	formats for SQL strings. UFFI version 1.8.1 is higher is required.

	This change may introduce some differences in string handling for
	people who are using non-ASCII encoded characters.  Thus, because
	of the risk of BACKWARD INCOMPATIBILITY, the major version number
	was incremented with this release.

2010-02-06  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* tests/test-i18n.lisp: Bind UFFI:*DEFAULT-EXTERNAL-FORMAT*
	for testing multibyte encodings.
	* uffi/clsql-uffi.lisp: Changes for UFFI 1.7.4's new support
	for encoding foreign strings with a specified external format.

2010-02-06  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: If no declared slot type in
	compute-lisp-type-from-specified-type, then use t as lisp type.
	Issue noted when testing Clozure CL 1.4.

2010-02-06  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Turn off the benign console notices for
	testing on postgres.

2010-02-05  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* clsql-test.asd, tests/{test-i18n,test-init}.lisp:
	Load test-i18n.lisp and use its tests as long as 'uffi:no-i18n is
	not present in cl:*features*. This requires UFFI 1.7.2 or above.

2010-02-05  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/utils.lisp: Reading #\no-break_space causes an
	error for non-unicode SBCL. Conditionalize read of
	#\no-break_space for non-unicode SBCL and 8-bit string

2010-02-03  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Add *test-report-width* variable
	and word-wrap skipped test reason field.

2010-01-29  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.3.3
	* clsql-cffi.asd: New file that causes CLSQL to use
	CFFI-UFFI-COMPAT library rather than UFFI. Perform 'asdf:load-op
	on CLSQL-CFFI rather than CLSQL system to use CFFI-UFFI-COMPAT.

2010-01-29  Nathan Bird  
	* tests/*.lisp: A lot more tests and test setup tweaks.
	* sql/expressions.lisp: output-sql on sql-relational-exp does
	better arity checking now. (apply #'sql-and some-list) gives
	better results.

29 Jan 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Fix for UPDATE-RECORD-FROM-SLOTS for normalized
	view classes

28 Jan 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.3.2
	* Change "normalise" from British spelling for consistency with
	other American spellings in CLSQL.

28 Jan 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-mysql/Makefile: Add directory for Fedora 11/12 on 64-bit
	platform (Thanks to Michael Pheasant) and remove a 32-bit directory

28 Jan 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.3.1
	* sql/utils.lisp: Ensure Lispworks 6 lock is created in sharing mode

20 Jan 2009  Nathan Bird 
	* Version 4.3.0
	* Rewrite tests to use datasets

07 Jan 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/utils.lisp: Changes to support Lispworks 6

10 Dec 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.2.0
	* doc/ref-ooddl.lisp: Add needed CDATA escapes
	* doc/clsql.pdf, doc/html.tar.gz: Build new manuals with
	normalized view classes.

10 Dec 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	Large patch from Thijs Oppermann  to add
	support for normalized view classes.  When having view class that
	inherit from others, CLSQL by default builds tab all the columns
	from the parent in the child. This patch is meant to normali so
	that a join is done on the primary keys of the concerned tables to
	get a set.

10 Dec 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/time.lisp: Patch from Oleg Tihonov to SYNTAX-PARSE-ISO-8601
	to properly parse fractions of seconds.

10 Dec 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/time.lisp: Patch from Oleg Tihonov to roll function
	to properly use USEC argument.

21 Nov 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.1.2
	* Makefiles: On 64-bit Linux systems, try to build both 32 and 64-bit
	interface libraries. This requires the installation of multiarch build tools
	as well as 32-bit support libraries (libc, libz and libmysqlclient).

04 Sep 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.1.1
	* sql/fdml.lisp: Rework do-query to use supplied database
	parameter when passed a sql-object-query
	(thanks to JTK )
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: Allow optional connect
	parameters for postgresql databases (thanks to Stephen Compall)
	* doc/ref-{clsql,connect}.xml, sql/db-interfaces.lisp:
	Fix transposed letters (thanks to Stephen Compall)
	* db-mysql/Makefile: Add directory for MacPorts mysql5 port
	(thanks to Stephen Compall)
	* sql/database.lisp: Have database-type default be
	*default-database-type* (thanks to Desmond O. Chang)
	* sql/transactions.lisp: Improved handlining of nested
	transactions (thanks to Eli Naeher)
	* sql/time.lisp: Commit patch to fix parse-iso-8601-duration
	(thanks to Stephen Compall)
	* sql/database.lisp: Use :verbose nil for asdf:operate
	invocation (Thanks to Mackram Raydan)
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Rework initialize-instance for
	view-class-direct-slot-definition (thanks to Stephen Compall)

31 Aug 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/db-interface.lisp: Fix spelling error (thanks to
	David Thompson)
	* clsql-mysql.asd/db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Commit
	patch from Andreas Franke to honor windows drive letter
	when loading clsql_mysql C library.

31 Aug 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.1.0
	* db-mysql/mysql-{sql,api}.lisp,db-mysql/clsql_mysql.c:
	Latest version of mysqlclient once again changed the C
	structures from which the mysql backend reads data.
	Rather than adding yet another structure definition which
	is enabled by the client version as read by mysql-client-info.lisp,
	the mysql backend has been re-written to ignore in the internal
	C structures. Instead, C wrapper functions for slot access have
	been added to clsql_mysql.c and are used by mysql-sql.lisp to
	access the internals of C structures. This adds a bit of overhead,
	but completely separates the lisp code from trying to keep up
	with the continually changing internal C structure of mysql.
	All tests in the test suite executed correctly with this change.

31 Aug 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.0.6
	* sql/database.lisp: Fix syntax on process-lock (thanks to
	Stian Sletner)
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Allow use of database parameter
	in database-list function (thanks to Michael Pheasant)
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Allow NULL values for floating-point fields
	(thanks to Jan Rychter)

02 Jun 2009  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.0.5
	* sql/database.lisp: Add process-lock for deleting database from
	a pool (thanks to Ralf Mattes).

25 Feb 2008  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.0.4
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Remove stray form (thanks to Samuel Ward)

12 Dec 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Bind *in-subselect* when outputting
	selections (patch from unknown source).
11 Dec 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.0.3
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Unify base-table processing by extracting 
	the correct code from initialize-instance :around into the helper
	function set-view-table-slot. Call that function also in
	reinitialize-instance :around replacing erroneous code discovered
	by Josh Feinstein.
17 Nov 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* BUGS: Add note about benefit of using configure file to create
	Makefiles (suggestion from Joe Corneli)
22 Oct 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.0.2
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-sql.lisp: Patch from Gabriele Favalessa based on
	Andrew Golding suggestion for more informative :error-id slot.
17 Sep 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.0.1
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Convert query to uffi cstring (thanks to
	Albert Krewinkel).
	* doc/Makefile, doc/html.xsl: Change output encoding from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8
14 Sep 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 4.0.0: Major version increase to warn of potential
	backwards incompatibility.
	* NEWS: Document potentional backward incompatible changes
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Changes session SQL mode to ANSI immediately
	after connecting. This may break compatibility with some applications
	who are using non-ANSI features with MySQL. This change is required to
	properly support view-classes using a string as their :base-table
	attribute. This allows users to specify the case of table names. 
	This is feature is even	more essential for MySQL itself since MySQL
	uses case-sensitive table names. Use connection-based database-create
	and database-destroy rather than trying to invoke command-line mysql 
	utility. Remove automatic upcasing of strings from list-indices. 
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-sql.lisp: Use connection-based 
	database-create	and database-destroy rather than trying to invoke
	command-line utilities.
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-sql.lisp: Use
	database-execute-command rather than execute-command for
	database-{create,destroy}. Connect to postgres database
	rather than template1 for those database creation/deletion.
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Store the string value of :base-table if a 
	string is provided. Perform sql-escape at time of view-table name
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Use "ej_join" as a string, rather than a 
	symbol, since "ej_join"	is specified as :base-table. Clear the
	expression output-cache in case the code for generating sql output
	has changed.
	* test/test-oodml.lisp: whitespace fix
	* sql/ooddl.lisp: Use quoted string for primary key constraint if
	table name is specified as a string.
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Don't convert a string view-table name to database's 
	default case.
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Properly handle table and attribute identifiers
	when they are a string. Do not change case of symbols to match database
	default case.
	* sql/operations.lisp: Change multiword symbols to upper case.
	* sql/fddl.lisp: Quote base-table if a string to preserve case
	for drop-table and create-table.
	* tests/test-syntax.lisp: Add tests of low-level string attribute
20 Jul 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.8.6
	* db-oracle/oracle-loader.lisp: Rework use of ORACLE_HOME directory
	(problem noted on clsql-devel by icardo Boccato Alves)
	* sql/pool.lisp: Remove incorrect keyword
	* sql/database.lisp: Rework WITH-DATABASE to not make the database the
	default database (reported by Saurabh Nanda and Chaitanya Gupta)
	* doc/ref-connect.lisp: Update the documentation to WITH-DATABASE to
	emphasis that make-default has a default value of nil.
	* sql/transaction.lisp: Adjust commit/rollback messages for Microsoft
	SQL Server. (patch from Nathan Bird)
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Use finalize-inheritance hack on SBCL because
	of trouble with def-view-class compilations (patch from Nathan Bird)
15 Jul 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.8.5
	* db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Revert previous change since libmysql is
	not dynamically loaded on Windows
22 Jun 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.8.4
	* db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Do not bother loading libmysqlclient since
	that library is dymically linked to clsql-mysql library. Thus, the mysql
	library will be automatically loaded. This has only been tested on Linux,
	thus far.

29 May 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* tests/test-fddl.lisp: Add :order-by for :fddl/big/1 as
	reported by Ricardo Boccato Alves

02 May 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/database.lisp: Add ability of WITH-DATABASE to return
	multiple values (patch from Liam Healy)
25 Apr 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.8.3
	* doc/connect.xml: variable description fix by Liam Healy
	* db-sqlite3/sqlite3-api.lisp, uffi/clsql-uffi-loader.lisp:
	Apply patches from Marcus Pierce to reduce load-time warnings
	* sql/package.lisp: Export iso-timestring as requested by Kevin Blaisdell

23 Mar 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.8.2
	* sql/db-postgresql-socket-api.lisp: Change read-socket-sequence to
	disable wide characters for crypt salt sequence on SBCL, based
	on patch from Lars Nostdal.

26 Jan 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.8.1
	* sql/pool.lisp: Test pooled connection when popped from
	the pool to ensure the connection still works. Currently, implemented
	only for MySQL.

17 Jan 2007  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-mysql/Makefile: Add potential mysql directories

31 Dec 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Remove usused saved-initargs
	* clsql.asd: Also check ~/.clsql-init.lisp at load-time (usually used to
	push search libraries)
30 Dec 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-{api,loader,sql,package}.lisp:
	Apply patch from Edi Weitz to avoid conflict with new Lispworks 5
	POSTGRESQL package name. CLSQL's new package will be PGSQL, however
	on non-Lispworks platforms, the nickname POSTGRESQL will still be
	available. Applications directly using low-level POSTGRESQL package
	are recommended to use the new PGSQL name.
	* db-oracle/oracle-{api,sql}.lisp, sql/{expressions,loop-extension}.lisp,
	Apply patch from Edi Weitz to reduce compiler warnings.
28 Dec 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.7.9
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Commit patch from Edi Weitz to
	use *default-database* for SQL-OUTPUT if no database is
	explicitly passed to function.
	* uffi/clsql-uffi-loader.lisp: Change load order to first try
	plain name/type before attempting user-specified paths (patch
	from Edi Weitz)
	* uffi/ptrbits.c: New file to return number of bits in an pointer
	* uffi/Makefile: use intbits to name .so file based on bit size.
	Build both 32-bit and 64-bit libraries on 64-bit platform.
30 Nov 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.7.8
	* db-sqlite3/sqlite3-sql.lisp: Commit patch from Edi Weitz fixing
	error display

16 Oct 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.7.7
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-sql.lisp: Remove 
	uffi:convert-foreign-to-native wrapper since using cstring for

16 Oct 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.7.6
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-api.lisp: Fix UFFI return type for
	PQresultErrorField foreign function.

16 Oct 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.7.5
	* doc/intro.xml: Update supported platforms.
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-{package,api,sql}.lisp: Apply
	changes from Andew Golding to use a more-specific error code
	from PostgreSQL than the generic fatal error code of the result set.

03 Oct 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/syntax.lisp: Commit patch from Marcus Pearce to improve
	readtable modifications

02 Oct 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/syntax.lisp: Check that original reader syntax functions
	stored before trying to restore them.
20 Sep 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/syntax.lisp: Apply patch from Marcus Pearce to correctly
	display sql reader syntax.

06 Sep 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* uffi/clsql-uffi-loader.lisp, db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Change from using *features*
	to decide on 64-bit platform and check size of most-positive-fixnum instead.
	Needed to support clisp amd64.

03 Sep 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.7.1
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Rework slot type's to be more AMOP
	compatibile. Add warning for a metaclass condition that should
	not occur.
	* sql/time.lisp: Fixed symbol case inconsistency causing problem
	in AllegroCL's modern lisp. First sign of bug noted by
	Joel Reymond on clsql-devel.
	* clsql.asd: Make time.lisp depend on utils.lisp

31 Aug 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Apply patch from Marcus Pearce to push 
	*library-file-dir* to CLSQL's library path.

30 Aug 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.7.0: New platforms supported: SBCL/Win32, CLISP/Win32, CLISP/Cygwin,
	CLISP/Linux x86, CLISP/Linux amd64, OpenMCL amd64. CLISP support requires the
	latest development versions of CLISP, cffi, and cffi-uffi-compat packages.
	* Makefile.common: Add OS detection
	* uffi/make.sh, db-mysql/make.sh: Remove files
	* uffi/Makefile, db-mysql/Makefile: Add support for cygwin compilation.
	Refactor to remove need to make.sh shell scripts. 
	* clsql.asd: Add support for loop extensions for clisp. Support clisp via cffi.
	* sql/loop-extension.lisp: Define loop-record-iteration-path in CLSQL-SYS 
	package rather than CL-USER. Add support for ansi-loop on clisp. 
	* sql/ansi-loop.lisp: New file to support iteration on clisp. 
	* db-mysql/mysql-api.lisp: Remove old mysql C API functions that no
	longer exist in the mysql client library.
	* doc/ref-fdml.lisp: Correct default field-type.
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Use database-output-as-type if value exists for boolean output.
	Fixed bug with noted with MySQL 5.0.24 and boolean values.
28 Aug 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.6.7
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Remove high debugging level declaration

14 Aug 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.6.6
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: Fix assumption that postgres user id
	is always 1. Fixes problem noted with PostgreSQL 8.1.

12 Aug 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.6.5
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: Add slot for has-table-pg_roles to
	lazily cache if pg_roles tables exist. Selectively use SQL from
	Joel's previous patch if pg_roles table exists. Should now work
	with both postgresql 7.4 and 8.x.
12 Aug 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.6.4
	* clsql.asd: Add support for c:\etc\clsql-init.lisp as possible
	local initialization file
	* db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Remove former method of using pathnames
	as name candidates.
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp: Work-around Allegro/Windows FFI bug
	that generates incorrect integer return type
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: Revert patch from Joel Reymont since
	it fails on versions of postgresql that lack the pg_role table
07 Jul 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.6.3
	* sql/transactions.lisp: Important typo fix from Alexey Antipov
	for database-start-transaction
04 Jul 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.6.2
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-sql.lisp: Apply patch from Vladimir Sekissov
	to close connection when failing to connect to database.
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: Apply patch from Joel Reymont
	to avoid dropping system views.
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Apply patch from Joel Reymont to avoid listify
	a nil value [patch sponsored by Flektor]
	* clsql-uffi.asd, uffi/make.sh: Patch from Richard Kreuter
	for netbsd compilation
15 May 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* doc/ref-ooddl.xml: Add documentation for :db-reader and :db-writer
	slots for def-view-class macro [as reported missing by Thomas Fischbacher].
09 May 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.lisp:
	Apply patch from Marko Kocic adding the socket creation
	function needed for CLISP.

08 May 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version: 3.6.0 (requires UFFI v1.5.11 or greater)
	* db-oracle/metaclasses.lisp: Patch from James Bielman for
	checking slot constraints.
	* db-oracle/oracle-{api,sql}.lisp: Avoid dead pointers on loading
	saved openmcl images (based on patch from James Bielman)

06 May 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* doc/ref-fdml.xml: Documentation patch from Marcus Pearce for limit keyword
03 May 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.5.7
	* sql/time.lisp: Apply patch from Aleksandar Bakic to extended
	duration parsing and unparsing to include year and month.
	* clsql-uffi.asd, uffi/clsql-uffi-loader.lisp: Apply patch from Nathan Bird
	improving library search on Windows platform.
	* doc/ref-fdml.xml, /doc/TODO, tests/test-fdml.lisp, tests/test-init.lisp:
	Apply patch from Marcus Pearce documenting and testing :limit and :offset for SELECT

20 Mar 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.5.6
	* clsql-postgresql-socket.asd, 
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-package.lisp: 
	Use the cl-md5 package on all platforms. Based on report 
	from Alan Caulkins.
09 Mar 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.5.5
	* uffi/make.sh, db-mysql/make.sh: Add GNU uname
28 Feb 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.5.4
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Apply patch from Friedrich Dominicus to
	fix accessor for new versions of SBCL
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Apply patch from James Bielman
	to improving parsing of time.
	* db-db2/db2-constants.lisp: Change NULL_HANDLE has suggested
	by Harold Lee.
	* db-oracle/oracle-dbi.lisp: Add support for SQL BIT type
	as noted by Russ Tyndall.
16 Jan 2006  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.5.3
	* sql/time.lisp: Commit patch from Aleksandar Bakic
	to properly handle destructive flag
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.lisp: Apply patch
	from Steven Harris for socket files with SBCL.
	* sql/pool.lisp: Apply patch from Vladimir Sekissov so that
	new connections added to the pool do not become the *default-database*
	* sql/connect.lisp: Optionally set *default-database* for pooled
	connection when make-default is generalized true.
23 Dec 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.5.1
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Ensure table names are properly escaped
	before comparing -- fixes bug reported by Asbj𲮠Bj𲮳tad
	on CLSQL-Devel.

02 Dec 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: improved decoding of table attribute
	  parameters [from Vladimir Sekissov]
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: check that metaclass is standard-db-class or
	  it's subclass to prevent adding standard-db-object to supers if
	  somebody in the path has it already when metaclass inherited from
	  standard-db-class. [from Vladimir Sekissov]
26 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.5.0
	* tests/test-init.lisp, tests/test-fddl.lisp, tests/test-fdml.lisp, 
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp, db-odbc/odbc-ff-interface.lisp,
	* db-odbc/odbc-package.lisp, db-odbc/odbc-constants.lisp
	* db-odbc/odbc-dbi.lisp, db-odbc/odbc-sql.lisp
	* sql/fddl.lisp, sql/generic-odbc.lisp, sql/db-interface.lisp
	* sql/transaction.lisp, sql/package.lisp, sql/time.lisp
	Commit patch from Dominic Robinson providing support for 
	Microsoft SQL Server
	* doc/csql.lisp: Fix typo in slot name
24 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.4.7
	* sql/time.lisp: Commit patch from Aleksandar Bakic for
	correct handling of decode-time usec value  
	* clsql-mysql.asd: Commit patch from Harald Hanche-Olsen to
	correct the name of the shared library file.
16 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* version 3.4.6
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Avoid calling change-class on
	effective-slot-definitions on sbcl to conform to sbcl
15 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.4.5
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Patch from James Biel to add subselects

14 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.4.4 [ Requires UFFI 1.5.7+] 
	* db-oracle/oracle-{api,sql}.lisp: Patch from James Biel
	to fix lifetime of foreign strings for Oracle calls

13 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.4.3
	* db-oracle/oracle-{api,sql}.lisp: Patch from James Biel
	to improve performance
12 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.4.2
	* clsql-uffi.asd: Patch from James Biel improving loading
	* db-oracle/oracle-{api,sql}.lisp: Patch from James Biel
	to support 64-bit lisps
12 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.4.1
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Escape numbers to SQL strings
	at expression level.
11 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.4: Add MySQL 5 support
	* db-mysql/mysql-client-info.lisp: Recognize MySQL 5
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Add support for views in MySQL 5
	* doc/mysql-macosx-notes.txt: New document from Martin Brooks
7 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/time.lisp: Apply patch from Aleksandar Bakic for ROLL
	* BUGS: Added report for update-object-joins by Aleksandar Bakic
4 Nov 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.3.4 [UFFI >= 1.5.5 needed]
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp: Apply patch from Yaroslav Kavenchuk
	to add missing #\' character.
	* clsql.asd: Add support for CLSQLINIT environmental variable,
	based on patch from Yaroslav Kavenchcuk. New version of UFFI
30 Oct 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.3.3
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Apply patch from Drew Crampsie to fix
	update-objects-joins when using the :target-slot attribute
26 Oct 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.3.2
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Avoid parenthesis on multiple group-by fields
	as noted by Harald Hanche-Olsen.
	* tests/test-syntax.lisp: Add test for multiple field group-by
25 Oct 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.3.1
	* sql/time.lisp: Commit patch from Alan Shields to
	display escape string on wall-time display only when *print-escape*
	is true.
11 Oct 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Commit patch from Will to
	properly set db-reader slot in effective-slot-definition
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Commit patch from Alan Shields
	adding make-load-form for sql-relational-exp
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: Commit patch from Aleksandar Bakic
	adding support for new NUMBER type
17 Sep 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.3.0
	* sql/time.lisp: Apply patch from Alan Shields adding DATE type.
	* doc/ref-ooddl.xml: Documentation of new type
	* notes/add-type-hints.txt: New file from Alan Shields
	* sql/fddl.lisp: Add owner keyword to drop-table as suggested
	by Francis Leboutte
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-sql.lisp: Fix database-probe
	as noted by Francis Leboutte. Similar fix applied to db-mysql and
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Allow string table names for output as
	contributed by Francis Leboutte.
	* examples/clsql-tutorial.lisp: Support :postgresql-socket as noted 
	by Francis Leboutte
08 Sep 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.2.4
	* doc/into.xml: Change download from ftp to http protocol

08 Sep 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.2.3
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Correction for v3.2.2 changes by
	Edi Weitz

08 Sep 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.2.2
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Add check for zero increment as
	suggested by Edi Weitz. Add missing database-sequence-last function
	as noted and tested by Edi Weitz. Ensure that UFFI buffer is freed
	in handle-oci-error. Add unwind-protect to sql-stmt-exec. Free UFFI
	stmthp object when query cursor is freed with OCI.

22 Aug 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* uffi/clsql-uffi-loader.lisp: Commit patch from astor@pvv.ntnu.no to
	display search path when error occurs loading foreign library.
05 Jul 2005  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.2.1
	* doc/appendix.xml: Incorporate Edi Weitz's notes into documentation
	with changes to support case-sensitive lisp implementations. Add
	paragraph on using /etc/clsql-init.lisp site initialization file.
	* clsql.asd: Load file /etc/clsql-init.lisp, if it
	exists, after package is loaded to set site-specific configuration
2005-06-24  Edi Weitz  
	* sql/db-interface.lisp: Added new special variable
	manipulate it.
	* sql/package.lisp: Export these.
	* uffi/clsql-uffi-loader.lisp: Used new variable; changed order of
	* db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Changed order of libs.

09 Jun 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.2.0: REQUIRES UFFI VERSION 1.4.38 OR HIGHER
	* clsql-mysql.asd: Renamed clsql/mysql interface library from
	mysql to clsql_mysql
	* clsql-uffi.asd: Renamed clsql/uffi interface library from
	mysql to clsql_uffi
	* uffi/clsql_uffi.c: Renamed from uffi.c
	* db-mysql/clsql_mysql.c: Renamed from mysql.c
	* db-mysql/Makefile, db-mysql/Makefile.msvc, db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Rename shared library
	* uffi/Makefile, uffi/Makefile.msvc, uffi/uffi-loader.lisp: Rename shared library
	* db-*/*-loader.lisp: Commit big patch from Edi Weitz to remove
	absolute pathnames when searching for foreign libraries.
	foreign library loading.
07 Jun 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.16
	* db-mysql/mysql-api.lisp: Commit patch from Espen Wiborn
	to support UTF-8 on sbcl unicode.
18 May 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.15
	* sql/time.lisp: Fix bug in roll that caused failure in test suite

17 May 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.14
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Properly handle when db-writer is NIL

11 May 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Avoid using simple-string declaration when
	a non-simple string may be encountered.	[issue noted by 
	will@cesmail.net] Add a simple-string declaration for a local
	string generated.
06 May 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Change db-writer and db-reader processing to accept
	a symbol as well as function to serve as a function designator
	[issue noted by will@cesmail.net]

05 May 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.13
	* sql/time.lisp: Fix error in submitted patch which caused error
	in timestrings with 19 or less characters.
27 Apr 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.12
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-api.lisp: Commit patch from Tim Howe
	to fix read-socket-sequence on non-sb-unicode sbcl.
26 Apr 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.12
	* sql/time.lisp: Commit patch from Daniel Lowe which adds support
	for fractional seconds which is required by PostgreSQL
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-loader.lisp: Add library path for Windows
25 Apr 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/csql.lisp: Update URL for "SQL for Web Dummies" [Sean Champ]
24 Apr 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.11
	* sql/syntax: Commit patch from Alan Shields to supress reader
	macros when *read-supress* is T.
13 Apr 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.10
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.lisp: Commit patch
	from Janis Dzerins to support unicode on SBCL
	* sql/syntax: Commit patch from Alan Shields to improve reporting
	of invalid syntax statements.
06 Apr 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.9
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Add port to connection specification
	based on patch from Dave Watson
	* doc/appendix.xml: Document MySQL port parameter to connection spec

03 Apr 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.8
	* sql/time.lisp: Patch from Keith James for parsing ISO-8601 timestamps
18 Mar 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Add missing database argument [Patch from
	Alan Caulkins]
03 Mar 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Improve database priority in 
	update-records-from-instance [Patch from Walter C. Pelissero]
17 Feb 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.7
	* sql/package.lisp: Export database-reconnect from clsql-sys

08 Feb 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Use explicit database in fault-join-target-slot
	[Patch from Walter Pelissero]
29 Jan 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-loader.lisp: Add additional
	directories to Fink on darwin [patch from Cyrus Harmon].
29 Jan 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.6
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Clear view instance cache when delete-instance-records
	is invoked [suggested by Alan Shutko].
	* uffi/clsql-uffi-loader.lisp: Improvements for loading with SBCL X86-64
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Don't change case of a :base-table string supplied
	to def-view-class [fix suggested by Fred Gilham].
25 Jan 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* tests/*.lisp: Change Vladamir to Vladimir per Cyrus Harmon's
	* sql/utils.lisp: Fix unnecessary consing noted by Fred Gilham.
	* doc/*.xml: Fix spelling of Vladimir
24 Jan 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* doc/bookinfo.xml, doc/csql.xml, doc/intro.xml: Update links
	now that LispWorks is an independant company [noted by
	Martin Thornquist]
22 Jan 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-sql.lisp, db-sqlite3/sqlite3-sql.lisp:
	Better support for 64 bit environments

05 Jan 2005 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.5
	* sql/metaclass.lisp: Make t the default value of :set
	[noted by Cyrus Harmon]

28 Dec 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.4
	* uffi/clsql-uffi.lisp: Add support for unsigned integers
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Add support for detecting/marking
	unsigned integers. Apply patch from Yannick Gingras to
	implement database-sequence-last.
26 Dec 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
        * doc/ref-fdml.lisp: Fix variable tag name to varname
	[noted by Eduardo Munoz]
        * db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Handle library paths for 64-bit systems
06 Dec 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.2
	* sql/ooddl.lisp: Accept patch from Klaus Harbo for
	* sql/metaclass.lisp: Remove unnecssary (and runtime error
	causing) change-class invocation when running on CLISP.
	* db-mysql/mysql-api.lisp: Commit patch from Paul Werkowski
	to fix structure name.
	* sql/database.lisp: More specific error message with trying
	to use a database value of NIL.
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Accept a string for the table name
	in (sql-output sql-delete database) [suggested by Ed Symanzik].
11 Nov 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.1
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: Commit patch from Chris Capel to
	ignore columns which have been dropped.
	* clsql-postgresql-socket.asd, db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-package.lisp:
	Use sb-md5 package on SBCL, recommended by Chris Capel
09 Nov 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.1.0 released: New SQLite3 backend by Aurelio Bignoli
	* doc/appendix.xml: Document SQLITE3 backend, patch by Aurelio Bignoli
	* sql/operations.lisp: Add lower and upper SQL functions [Daniel Lowe].
08 Nov 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Fix slot name [thanks to Daniel Lowe]

31 Oct 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* clsql-sqlite3, db-sqlite3/*: NEW BACKEND
	contributed by Aurelio Bignoli

23 Oct 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Commit patch from Walter Pelis
	to use an object's database for a select on its slot.
20 Oct 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* uffi/uffi.c, uffi/clsql-uffi.lisp: Commit patch from
	Aurelio Bignoli to fix negative 64-bit integers
07 Oct 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-mysql/mysql.c: Fix parameters in bind_param call

07 Oct 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* uffi/clsql-uffi.lisp: Add support for :blob result-type
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Add support for :blob
04 Oct 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp, db-db2/db2-sql.lisp: Add
	missing quotes for types in code that is still in development
	(thanks to Joerg Hoehle)
03 Oct 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.0.8 released
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-*.lisp: Apply patch from
	Aurelio Bignoli with improvements
01 Oct 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* multiple: Apply patch from Joerg Hoehle with multiple
01 Oct 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.0.7 released
	* sql/oodml.lisp, sql/package.lisp, db-mysql/mysql-objects.lisp:
	Add support for mediumint.
	* sql/metaclass.lisp: Rework CLISP MOP handling
	* sql/ooddl.lisp: Work-around to have CLISP finalize standard-db-class
28 Sep 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/metaclass.lisp: Support CLISP's attribute name
	for the type field in direct class slots
27 Sep 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.0.6 released
	* BUGS: New file. Document suspected SIGPIPE
	interaction between SBCL and libpq used in
	postgresql backend.
	* doc/ref-fdml.lisp: Document the :caching and :refresh
	keywords of the SELECT function.
	* doc/ref-ooddml.lisp: Document the new *default-caching*
	* sql/package.lisp: Export *default-caching*
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Use *default-caching* to 
	control default caching behavior.
21 Sep 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.0.5 release
	* doc/appendix.xml: Add note about loading Oracle8 version
	* db-oracle/oracle-loader.lisp: Support Oracle8 based on
	data from David Young.

10 Sep 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* doc/Makefile, doc/catalog-darwin.xml: Apply
	patch from Cyrus Harmon for building docs on Mac OS X
	* sql/package.lisp: Add new (pre-release) clisp MOP package 	
09 Sep 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.0.4 Release
	* multiple: Remove superfluous quotes in UFFI def-type
	and def-foreign-type forms.
07 Sep 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.0.3 Release
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.lisp: Commit patch
	from Tagore Smith to call force-output after sending authentication
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp: Move ODBC v3 conversons
	* db-odbc/odbc-sql.lisp: Load mysql or postgresql package when connecting
	to a database of that type so that functions that indicate capabilities of
	database are available.
02 Sep 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp: More conversions to ODBC v3
02 Sep 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.0.2 Release
	* TODO: Add note about ODBC on Windows
	* db-odbc/odbc-loader.lisp: Add /winnt/system32/ to
	search directories
	* db-odbc/odbc-ff-interface.lisp: Change the return type 
	of SQLSetEnvAttr to :short
02 Sep 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* examples/clsql-tutorial.lisp: added missing initarg for the COMPANYID
	slot of the employee View Class definition [reported by Franz Deuzer]. 

01 Sep 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.0.1 Release
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Add second join class to employee-address
	to test a class with two join slots.
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Fix find-all function for a class with multiple
	join slots
	* TODO: Remove need to test/fix multiple join classes
27 Aug 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-mysql/Makefile, db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: accept patch
	from Jon Buffington for file locations on Darwin.
17 Aug 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/db-interface.lisp: Improve messages when functions
	are passed a database object, but the method is not specialized
	for that database type.
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Fix inline declaration (reported by
 	Cyrus Harmon)
14 Aug 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* TODO: Add bug report about SQL generation with a table
	containing two join slots.
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Add optional size to VARCHAR type
3 Aug 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 3.0.0 Release
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Change declaration that
	caused error on openmcl
	* db-aodbc/aodbc-sql.lisp: Fix storage location
	of odbc connection. Specialize database-query since
	dbi's :types keyword is different than generic-odbc's
	:result-types keyword
	* sql/db-interface.lisp: Add warnings for methods
	not specialized by a db backends
	* tests/test-fddl.lisp: Fix case of symbols to support
	case-sensitive Allegro 
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Rework errbuf in handle-oci-error
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Note that odbc driver for postgresql
	doesn't properly handle table ownership
	* LATEST-TEST-RESULTS: update with version 3.0.0
1 Aug 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* sql/expressions.lisp: conditionalise escaping of backslash in 
	generated SQL strings on backend. 
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: test for escaping of backslash. 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: minor tidying in FIND-ALL. 

26 Jul 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* NEWS: Initial 3.0 announcement draft
	* README: Expand acknowledgements of incorporated projects
	* CONTRIBUTORS: Further document Marcus Pearce contributions
23 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* sql/oodml.lisp: add DATABASE-OUTPUT-SQL-AS-TYPE method specialisation
	to print floats with the exponent markers removed. 
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: add tests for updating records with floats. 

22 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: enable :OWNER :ALL in DATABASE-LIST-* for 
	CommonSQL compatibility. 
	* tests/test-init.lisp: skip test :FDDL/TABLE/6 on Oracle since 
	this column constraint syntax is not supported. 
	* tests/test-fddl.lisp: change column indexed in test :FDDL/INDEXES/2
	from EMPLID to LAST_NAME since Oracle complains that EMPLID is already 

17 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* doc/ref-fdml.xml: document CACHE-TABLE-QUERIES. 
	* tests/test-fdml.xml: add test for CACHE-TABLE-QUERIES. 
	* doc/ref-ooddl.xml: minor changes to syntax and examples entries 
	for uniformity. 
	* doc/ref-oodml.xml: add examples for OODML. 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: ensure SELECT passes on its REFRESH argument 
	to FIND-ALL. 
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: update docstrings. 
	* tests/test-init.lisp: change :db-constraints for emplid to 
	(:not-null :unique) as a temporary test for multiple column constraints 
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: add tests for *DB-AUTO-SYNC* and 
	return type of (SETF SLOT-VALUE-USING-CLASS). 
	* TODO, doc/TODO: remove items done. 
	* README: fix typo. 
16 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* sql/oodml.lisp: on Lispworks, use weak valued hash tables for 
	object caching. 
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Fix SQL generation for the symbol NIL. 

16 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* sql/expressions.lisp: reactivate caching of generated SQL strings. 
	here from sql/fdml.lisp. Rationalise behaviour of SQL-OUTPUT, 
	* sql/fdml.lisp: remove disabled method ADD-STORAGE-CLASS. Move 
	* sql/ooddl.lisp: replace call to DATABASE-OUTPUT-SQL in 
	* sql/generics.lisp: add docstrings. 

15 Jul 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.16
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Remove OpenMCL specific
	code in favor of fixing UFFI with James Bielman's patch
14 Jul 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.15
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Apply patch for OpenMCL/OSX
	from James Bielman
14 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* README, INSTALL: update URLs. Minor updates to descriptions. 
	* tests/README: remove stuff about editing contexts. 

12 Jul 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-oracle/oracle-objects.lisp: Change *default-varchar-length* to 
12 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* tests/test-syntax.lisp, tests/test-fdml.lisp: add tests for escaping 
	of single quotes. 
	* tests/test-fddl.lisp: add tests for column and table constraints 
	in CREATE-TABLE. Add test for OWNER keyword parameter to 
	LIST-TABLES (assuming same underlying machinery in other FDDL 
	* tests/test-init.lisp: restrict above test to postgresql and oracle. 
12 Jul 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-sql.lisp: Fix condition as reported by Aurelio 

11 Jul 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp, sql/package.lisp, doc/ref-ooddl.lisp, db-mysql/mysql-objects.lisp: Add tinyint type
10 Jul 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.14
	* doc/*.xml: documentation additionals and fixes so
	that docbook passes xmllint.
9 Jul 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.13
	* sql/fdml.lisp: Apply patch from Kim Minh Kaplan 
	to change escaping of single quotes. Mild optimizations
	for escaped string output.
	* doc/ref-ooddl.lisp: documentation additions
	* doc/ref-oodml.lisp: Add purpose to functions
	* TODO: Add need to test single quote escaping
7 Jul 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* doc/ref-ooddl.xml, doc-ref-oodml.xml: documentation additions
	* sql/ooddl.lisp: Added SMALLINT type
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: Added INT2 as SMALLINT type
	* db-mysql/mysql-objects.lisp: Added SMALLINT type
	* sql/package.lisp: Export SMALLINT
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Add MYSQL's UNSIGNED and ZEROFILL as
6 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* sql/expressions.lisp: add AUTO-INCREMENT and UNIQUE to the 
	recognised column constraints for CREATE-TABLE and the :DB-CONSTRAINTS 
	View Class slot option. 
	* sql/ooddl.lisp: fix bug preventing the :DB-CONSTRAINTS View Class 
	slot option accepting a list of constraints [reported by Travis Cross]. 
	* doc/ref-fddl.xml: add some examples of specifying column and 
	table constraints to the documentation for CREATE-TABLE. 
	* TODO: add note about adding tests for table/column constraints. Add 
	optimisation note about using cached attribute types in insert/update
3 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* doc/appendix.xml: add notes about idiosyncrasies/unsupported 
	features and so on the documentation for each backend. 
	* doc/TODO: remove items done. 
	* doc/ref-transaction.xml: add note in introduction about 
	autocommit mode as a difference from CommonSQL. 
	* doc/ref-syntax.xml: add notes about SQL syntax state functions 
	being macros in CLSQL. Add note about SQL operators which are 
	CLSQL extensions. 

2 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* Version 2.11.12 released
	* doc/ref-recording.xml: document SQL I/O recording. 
	* doc/ref-prepared.xml: new file for documenting prepared statements. 
	* doc/clsql.xml: comment out include for large object and CLSQL-SYS 
	* doc/ref-conditions.xml: complete documentation of condition system. 
	* doc/global-index.xml: add symbols from condition system and remove
	those from LOB and prepared statement APIs. 
	* doc/ref-fdml.xml: complete documentation of FDML.
	* doc/glossary.xml: add View Class. 
	* doc/TODO: remove items done. 
	* sql/conditions.lisp: make SQL-CONDITION a parent of SQL-ERROR. 
	* sql/package.lisp: remove FOR-EACH-ROW from exports list. Export 
	additional slot accessors for condition classes. 

1 Jul 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* doc/ref-ooddl.lisp: Add documentation
	* doc/ooddl.lisp: Move *DEFAULT-VARCHAR-LENGTH* from oodml.lisp
	and rename to *DEFAULT-STRING-LENGTH*. Add docstring.
	* doc/oodml.lisp: Rename references to new name of

1 Jul 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* doc/ref-transaction.xml: document transaction handling. 
	* sql/transaction.lisp: ensure that COMMIT, ROLLBACK and 
	START-TRANSACTION return NIL as per the CommonSQL spec. Modify 
	ADD-TRANSACTION-{ROLLBACK|COMMIT}-HOOK such that a database is 
	passed as a keyword argument defaulting to *DEFAULT-DATABASE*.
	Added docstrings. 

30 Jun 2004 Marcus Pearce 
	* doc/ref-fdml.xml: document the FDML. 
	* doc/ref-fddl.xml: move documentation for TRUNCATE-DATABASE here. 
	* sql/ooddl.lisp: moved *default-varchar-length* to here from 
	oodml.lisp and renamed to *default-string-length*
23 Jun 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Add keyword :transactions to def-view-from-class
	to allow specifying transactionless table creation
	* doc/ref-oodml.lisp: Add new keyword to signature of 
18 Jun 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* Version 2.11.11
	* sql/expressions.lisp: when removing duplicate table identifiers 
	in the FROM clause of a query, check both table name and alias 
	are equivalent. 
	* sql/fdml.lisp: remove DESCRIBE-TABLE. 
	* sql/db-interface.lisp: remove generics DESCRIBE-TABLE and 
	* sql/package.lisp: remove DESCRIBE-TABLE, DATABASE-DESCRIBE-TABLE 
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: add reader conditional #+nil for 
	DATABASE-DESCRIBE-TABLE and comment about its uses for 
	re-implementing LIST-ATTRIBUTE-TYPES with a single SQL query 
	returning type info for all attributes. 
	* sql/fddl.lisp: remove LIST-TABLE-INDEXES and redefine 
	LIST-INDEXES with additional keyword parameter :ON. 
	* tests/test-fddl.lisp: replace LIST-TABLE-INDEXES in :fddl/index/3 
	with LIST-INDEXES (with :ON parameter). 
	* doc/global-index.xml: remove DESCRIBE-TABLE and LIST-TABLE-INDEXES. 
	* doc/ref-connect.xml: minor tidying. 
	* doc/ref-fddl.xml: document the FDDL. 
	* doc/TODO: removed items done. Moved note about transaction handling 
	from TODO to here. 
	* TODO: move note about transaction handling to doc/TODO. Added 
	optimization note about LIST-ATTRIBUTE-TYPES and LIST-INDEXES. 
13 Jun 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* Version 2.11.10
	* sql/syntax.lisp: updated docstrings. 
	* sql/package.lisp: exported DATABASE-NAME-FROM-SPEC from CLSQL 
	* sql/database.lisp: add docstrings for CREATE-DATABASE, 
	* doc/ref-syntax.xml, doc/global-index.xml: minor tidying. 
	* doc/ref-connect.xml: document connection/initialisation. 
	* doc/ref-fdml.xml: move TRUNCATE-DATABASE reference entry here. 
	* doc/TODO: remove items done. 
	* Makefile: add db-oracle to to SUBDIRS. 

13 Jun 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Add new serialization functions:
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Avoid duplicate FROM names when selecting
	from a table that has more than one primary index.
	* sql/conditions.lisp: Fix printing of closed-database error
13 Jun 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.9
	* sql/conditions.lisp: Set initial slot value for message in SQL-WARNING
	* sql/transactions.lisp: Correctly set slots of SQL-WARNING

12 Jun 2004 Marcus Pearce 
	* sql/package.lisp: export DATABASE-TYPE from CLSQL and subclasses 
	* sql/syntax.lisp: make error signalled in SQL-OPERATION an 
	SQL-USER-ERROR. Make SQL-OPERATOR return just one value. 
	* doc/Makefile: added Mandrake linux. 
	* doc/catalog-redhat.xml, doc/catalog-mandrake.xml: new files. 
	* doc/appendix.xml: fixed little typo (adsf). 
	* doc/glossary.xml: removed closed-database and note about 
	sql-expression, added some entries. 
	* doc/ref-syntax.xml: documented the symbolic SQL syntax. 

10 Jun 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.8
	* db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Remove load of unnecessary zlib library
	* multiple: Add generalized-boolean type as requested by
	Edi Weitz
	* TODO: Added need for test of generalized-boolean
9 Jun 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.7 released
	* uffi/clsql-uffi-loader.lisp: Apply patch from Edi Weitz
	for loading with clc-register-user-package. Remove personal
	directory from path lisp.
	* db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Similar changes
8 Jun 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.6 released
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Commit patch from Edi Weitz
	to fix symbol writing/reading
	* TODO: Add need for symbol slot test
7 Jun 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* sql/package.lisp: remove duplicate export of 
	* doc/ref-*.xml, doc/global-index.xml: new files documenting 
	the CommonSQL compatible api. 
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: modified the test :fdml/transaction/3 to 
	reflect changes in return values of WITH-TRANSACTION. 

04 Jun 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* tests/README: Fix filename [reported by Bill Clementson]
	* sql/transactions.lisp: Apply return value patch from
	* tests/README: Remove ptester package requirement (as noted
	by Bill Clementson)
03 Jun 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.5 released
	* examples/clsql-tutorial.lisp: Remove obsolete :nulls-ok attribute,
	Select connection-spec based on connection type. Bugs reported by
	Bill Clementson.
	* uffi/uffi.dll, uffi/uffi.lib: Recompile with Visual Studio 2003
	* db-mysql/mysql-loader.lisp: Update check for zlibwapi library
	name on Windows, add \bin\ directory to search path
31 May 2004 Marcus Pearce  
	* db-odbc/odbc-sql.lisp: DB-TYPE replaced with DATABASE-TYPE in 
	* sql/operations.lisp: substr now generates SUBSTR for use on 
	Oracle; added a new operator SUBSTRING for use elsewhere. minus 
	now generates MINUS for use on Oracle. Nvl signals an error if 
	not called with exactly 2 arguments. Add concat function for use 
	instead of the || operator on MySQL and Oracle. 
	* sql/syntax.lisp: changed internal symbol for the || operator to 
	* sql/expressions.lisp: removed redundant and unused functions 
	* sql/generics.lisp: removed generic function for 
	* tests/test-syntax.lisp: modified/added tests according to changes
	in sql/operations.lisp. 
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: changed SUBSTR to SUBSTRING in test 
	* sql/package.lisp: added the operators SQL-SUBSTRING, SQL-CONCAT-OP 
	and SQL-USERENV to the shared exports list. Removed 
	RECORD-SQL-RESULT from shared exports list. 
30 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* db-postgresql/postgresl-sql.lisp: Avoid computing
	result-types lisp when nil result-types. Return only
	one value when field-types nil.
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Simple queries now
	working with prepared statements.
30 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.4: MySQL 4.1 now passes all tests
	* sql/package.lisp: Add API for prepared statments.
	* sql/fdml.lisp: Change implicit flatp processing
	for string map-query for greater CommonSQL conformance.
	Add high-high API for prepared statements.
	* tests/test-basic.lisp: Add test for map-query and
	single argument.
	* sql/transactions.lisp: Change name/semantics of
	autocommit to set-autocommit.
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: Add support for
	prepared statements. 
	* tests/test-internal.lisp: New file
	* sql/odbc-api.lisp: Update to using ODBC V3 protocol
	* clsql-mysql.asd, clsql-uffi.asd: Remove check and Common Lisp
	Controller invocation.
	* db-mysql/mysql-api.lisp: Add support for MySQL 4.1 field structure
	* sql/expressions.lisp: Avoid emitting double parenthesis when a
	function contains a subselect. 
27 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.3
	* sql/ooddl.lisp: Commit patch from Edi Weitz fixing return
	type (setf slot-value-using-class)
	* TODO: add not that need a test case for the above fix
	* db-sqlite: Remove clisp support since clisp can not run CLSQL
	with its MOP usage
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: By default, use OCIEnvCreate as 
	introduced in Oracle8. Leave older code selectable by a reader macro
	for Oracle7 and prior. Avoid use of OCIServerAttach since CLSQL
	uses OCILogon and does not the more complex session management.
26 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Commit universal-time typo patch from Edi Weitz
	* test/test-init.lisp: Add universal-time slot to person.
	* test/test-fddl.lisp: Add tests of universal-time slot
	* test/test-ooddl.lisp: Test universal-time slot in an object
	* TODO: Remove need for universal-time test	
	* debian/rules, debian/control: Add cl-sql-oracle binary package
	* doc/appendix.xml: Add Oracle backend information
	* db-oracle/oracle-objects.lisp: Add database-get-type-specifier for
	universal-time. Convert BIGINT CLSQL type to CHAR SQL type
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Fix condition name to sql-connection-error
	* doc/ref-clsql.xml: Renamed from ref_clsql.xml. Change the documentation
	for map-query to reflect changed in arguments to be CommonSQL compatible.
	Updated old clsql conditions to new CommonSQL compatible conditions.
25 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: (string n) now produces a CHAR field. Add new VARCHAR
	type. Added *default-varchar-length* rather than previous hard-coded
	varchar length. Remove 'simple-string and 'simple-base-string since they
	are subtypes of 'string.
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Use *default-varchar-length* rather than
	local hard-coded value.
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Convert specified type VARCHAR and (VARCHAR n) to Lisp
	type string. Convert specified-type (CHAR n) to string. Convert specified-type
	CHAR to lisp type character.
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp: (string n) => (CHAR n)
	* sql/operations.lisp: Add userenv
	* doc/TODO: Add AUTOCOMMIT. Remove need for large table and bigint
	slot tests
	* sql/oracle-sql.lisp: Add 64-bit bigint direct conversion
	* uffi/clsql-uffi.lisp: Handle signed 64-bit integers
	* test/test-init.lisp: Add large table with bigint slot
25 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.1 released: Much simpler Oracle client library loading.
	Now uses ORACLE_HOME environmental variable as well as tests default
	path for Oracle Instant Client. 
25 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.11.0 released: Full Oracle support. All tests pass
        * db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Add declaration so that SBCL runs efficiently.
	* tests/test-init.lisp: capitalize odbc backend name in banner
	* CONTRIBUTORS: Add note about Marcus' excellent work
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Removed old stub function 	
	* clsql.asd: Use module names in current package rather than keyword package
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Don't trim trailing spaces. Prevent interrupts
	in setting sequence position. Make autocommits more efficient.
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Skip 2 tests on Oracle which have unsupported syntax 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: Get rid of undocumented raw-string type. CommonSQL
	strings are raw (non-trimmed trailing whitespace). Add database-get-type-specifier
	and read-sql-value for NUMBER and CHAR.
	* sql/base-classes.lisp: Add autocommit slot
	* sql/transaction.lisp: Added autocommit processing, mild cleaning.
	* doc/intro.xml: Add Oracle
24 May 2004: Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-sql.lisp: replace 
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-sql.lisp: replace CLSQL-SIMPLE-WARNING with 
	* db-aodbc/aodbc-sql.lisp: replace CLSQL-ERROR with SQL-ERROR. 
	* clsql.asd: reworked module structure in package definition and 
	file names to better reflect component functionality. 
	* sql/package.lisp: added SQL-FATAL-ERROR and SQL-TIMEOUT-ERROR to 
	exports list. Removed duplicate and obsolete exports. Exported 
	remaining SQL operations: SQL-SOME, SQL-<>, SQL-BETWEEN, SQL-DISTINCT, 
	SQL-NVL and SQL-FUNCTION. Organised exports by functionality/file and 
	according to whether they are specified by CommonSQL or CLSQL 
	* sql/transaction.lisp: replace CLSQL-SIMPLE-WARNING with 
	* sql/generics.lisp: moved generics for QUERY and EXECUTE-COMMAND 
	here from basic-sql.lisp. 
	* sql/expressions.lisp: NEW FILE: renamed from classes.lisp (deleted). 
	* sql/fddl.lisp: NEW FILE: renamed from table.lisp (deleted). 
	* sql/fdml.lisp: NEW FILE: merger of basic-sql.lisp and sql.lisp
	(both deleted). 
	* sql/ooddl.lisp: NEW FILE: ooddl from objects.lisp (deleted). 
	* sql/oodml.lisp: NEW FILE: oodml from objects.lisp (deleted). 
23 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.10.22 released
	* sql/kmr-mop.lisp, sql/objects.lisp: Since SBCL is the only implementation that
	has reversed class slots, change the default for ordered-class-slots so that slots
	are now in the same order an in the def-view-class.
	* sql/sql.lisp: Honor case of string table identifier to INSERT-RECORDS
	* test/test-fddl.lisp: Add two tests for mixed case names
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Add missing database qualifier. Return NUMBER (double)
	for computed fields, this will require some adjustment to the test suite which
	in many cases expects integers.
	* test/test-fdml.lisp: Accomodate that Oracle returns doubles for computed columns
22 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.10.21 released
	* sql/sequences.lisp: Move generic sequence functions here from db-sqlite,
	db-odbc, and db-aodbc.
	* sql/*.lisp: Add db-type parameter to generic functions READ-SQL-VALUE,
	* sql/generic-postgresql.lisp, sql/generic-odbc.lisp: New files
	* db-odbc/odbc-sql.lisp, db-aodbc/aodbc-sql.lisp: Move common code to 
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-sql.lisp, db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-sql.lisp: 
	Move common code to  sql/generic-postgresql.lisp
	* sql/classes.lisp: honor case of string tables when outputting queries 
	* sql/objects.lisp: Add database type to default database-get-type-specifier method
	* sql/sql.lisp:  Add database type to default database-abort-transaction method
	* db-mysql/mysql-objects.lisp: New file
	* sql/objects.lisp: Move MySQL specific code to mysql-objects.lisp
	* sql/utils.lisp: Add GETENV function which will be used to get ORACLE_HOME
	from environment
	* test/test-fdml.lisp: String table names are now case sensitive, so convert to
	default db case for FDML/SELECT/25

22 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg
	* Version 2.10.20 released: Oracle backend now fails 6 out of 200 tests
	* TODO: Added 2 variances from CommonSQL. Add tests for owner phrases
	and string identifiers with non-default case
	* sql/table.lisp: Don't convert string table name to a symbol.
	* sql/classes.lisp: Honor case of string identifiers
	* sql/sql.lisp: Ensure recyclebin is purged for Oracle in 
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Add sequence functions, fix use of
	of owner phrases. Obtain server and client versions.
	* db-oracle/oracle-objects.lisp: Fix type specifiers
	* tests/test-fddl.lisp: Allow :varchar2 and :number as data types
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Properly get username from Oracle connection-spec
22 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* sql/generics.lisp: reworked docstrings. Remove generics for 
	* sql/objects.lisp: reworked docstrings. Changed UPDATE-OBJECT-JOINS 
	to UPDATE-OBJECTS-JOINS for CommonSQL compatibility. 
	* sql/package.lisp: Changed UPDATE-OBJECT-JOINS to UPDATE-OBJECTS-JOINS 
	for CommonSQL compatibility. Remove ADD-TO-RELATION and 
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: Changed UPDATE-OBJECT-JOINS to 
	UPDATE-OBJECTS-JOINS for CommonSQL compatibility. 
	* doc/TODO: added notes about extra slot options to DEF-VIEW-CLASS. 
	* sql/conditions.lisp: add documentation for conditions. Add 
	SQL-TIMEOUT-ERROR and SQL-FATAL-ERROR for CommonSQL compatibility. 

21 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* sql/basic-sql.lisp: reworked docstrings. 
	* sql/transactions.lisp: reworked docstrings. 
	* sql/sql.lisp: reworked docstrings. 
	* sql/initialize.lisp: reworked docstrings. INITIALIZE-DATABASE-TYPE 
	sets *DEFAULT-DATABASE-TYPE* for CommonSQL compatibility. 
	* sql/database.lisp: reworked docstrings. 
	* doc/TODO: added notes about START-TRANSACTION and IN-TRANSACTION-P 
	and FDML extensions and database extensions. 

20 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql: Use clsql-specific error conditions. Use owner keyword.
	* db-oracle/make9.sh: add makefile for building with Oracle 9 client
	* sql/table.lisp: Add logic for dealing with Oracle 10g vs. previous
	Oracle versions with the PURGE option required for drop table. This needs
	to be converted to a generic function and moved to db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp

20 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* sql/classes.lisp: remove unused PARAMS slot in SQL-IDENT-ATTRIBUTE. 
	* sql/syntax.lisp: remove unused PARAMS keyword arg to SQL-EXPRESSION. 
	* sql/table.lisp: reworked docstrings. 
	* sql/objects.lisp: moved *default-update-objects-max-len* here from 
	* doc/TODO: notes about :if-does-not-exist arg to DROP-TABLE, 
	DROP-VIEW and DROP-INDEX and the use of the :transactions and 
	:constraints keyword args to CREATE-TABLE. 
	* sql/classes.lisp: the DESCRIPTION argument to CREATE-TABLE is now 
	CommonSQL compatible with respect to column constraints. 

20 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* sql/oracle-sql.lisp: Now compiles and runs on SBCL.
	Requires UFFI 1.5.0 or higher
20 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.19
	* sql/conditions.lisp: Fix cerror
19 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.18 released: New condition hierarchy to be compatible
	with CommonSQL -- not backward compatible with previous CLSQL.
	* sql/db-interface.lisp: Add more default methods
	* sql/objects.lisp: Add explicit table name to order-by parameters
	in find-all when only one table to avoid selecting a duplicate row.
	Fix error in FIND-ALL when using :order-by such as (([foo] :asc))
	as previous logic was adding two fields (foo asc) to SELECT query.
	Make :result-types :auto be the default for object selections.
	Properly handle caching key when using multiple order-by with asc/desc
	* db-oracle/*.lisp: Much improvements, now passes 90% of test suite
19 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* sql/recording.lisp: reworked docstrings. 
	* sql/syntax.lisp: reworked docstrings. 
	* doc/TODO: added notes about extensions to SQL-RECORDING-P and the 
	SQL syntax state functions being macros. 

19 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
        * sql/package.lisp: Export initialize-database-type and
	*initialize-database-types* from CLSQL package.
	* sql/conditions.lisp: Add new CommonSQL compatible conditions,
	remove old CLSQL conditions.
	* sql/loop-extensions.lisp: Make errors of type sql-user-error
	* */*.lisp: Convert to from old to new conditions
18 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
        * sql/table.lisp: Add PURGE to drop command for oracle 10g backend.
	To handle this difference, will need to add a new database-drop-table
	generic function.
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql.lisp: Move server-version and
	major-version-number to database object to allow multiple connections
	to Oracle servers of different versions.
18 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* TODO: moved notes about backends to doc/TODO. 
	* doc/TODO: added notes about backends and select extensions. 
	* sql/base-classes.lisp: remove obsolete schema slot in database 
16 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* db-oracle/oracle-api: Add OCIServerVersion
	* db-oracle/oracle-sql: Query and store server version on connect
	* sql/db-interface.lisp: Add new db-type-has-bigint? generic
	function to handle OCI's lack of bigint support
	* test/test-basic.lisp: Separate bigint testing
	* test/test-utils.lisp: Add oracle to specs and list of backends
	* doc/TODO: New file
	* test/test-fdml.lisp: Added FDML/SELECT/34 to test
	run-time instantiation of variables in reader macros.
	* TODO: Remove item already complete. Add note about
	condition variances
16 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* sql/syntax.lisp: added condition to the reader macro to treat [*] 
	as a column identifier (rather than an operation) for CommonSQL 
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: add tests for ORDER-BY and SET-OPERATION 
	keword args to SELECT, [*] as column identifier, new MAP-QUERY 
	behaviour and the ANY and ALL operators in subqueries. 
	* tests/test-init.lisp: add set-operation and subquery tests to 
	appropriate skip lists. 
	* sql/objects.lisp: remove redundant and non CommonSQL compatible 
	ORDER-BY-DESCENDING keyword argument for SELECT. 
	* sql/classes.lisp: remove redundant and non CommonSQL compatible 
	ORDER-BY-DESCENDING keyword argument for SELECT. 
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: add test for ORDER-BY keyword to SELECT 
	with object queries. 

15 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* sql/db-interface.lisp: Add new db-type-has-union? 
	since Mysql 3.23 does not support unions.
	* sql/test-init.lisp: Don't try union tests on database
	backends which do not support it.
	* db-oracle/*.lisp: initial port to UFFI
	* sql/objects.lisp: implement UPDATE-OBJECT-JOINS,
	implement REFRESH for SELECT.
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: Add tests for deferred retrieval,
	caching, refresh, and update-object-joins
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Add deferred-employee-address class
15 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* sql/operations.lisp: make MINUS operator a synonym for EXCEPT. Add 
	COALESCE operator and make NVL a synonym for this. Make ANY, SOME, 
	ALL and EXISTS generate function expressions so they output the 
	correct SQL. 
	* sql/classes.lisp: SELECT now generates appropriate SQL when 
	passed the SET-OPERATION and ALL keyword arguments. 
	* sql/classes.lisp: the ORDER-BY keyword argument to SELECT now 
	accepts ordering constraints as pairs of the form (column direction) 
	where direction may be :ASC or :DESC. 
	* tests/test-syntax.lisp: added tests for MINUS and COALESCE/NVL. 
	Correct tests for ANY, SOME, ALL and EXISTS. 
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: added test for COALESCE. 
	* sql/sql.lisp: MAP-QUERY now applies FUNCTION to QUERY-EXPRESSION 
	using funcall unless QUERY-EXPRESSION returns one column and its 
	FLATP slot is not nil in which case apply is used. 
	* tests/test-basic.lisp: modified calls to MAP-QUERY to reflect the 
	* TODO: remove items done. 
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-sql.lisp: no need to reverse results in 
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-sql.lisp: no need to reverse
15 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
        * sql/classes.lisp: SELECT now accepts table identifiers as strings 
        for CommonSQL compliance. Add support for qualified sql identifiers 
        with aliased table names. 
        * tests/test-fdml.lisp: added tests for table identifiers as strings 
        in SELECT and for aliased definitions. 
        * tests/test-syntax.lisp: added tests for alias definitions. 
15 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* sql/sql.lisp: PRINT-QUERY now calls QUERY with result-types and 
	field-names set to nil. 
	* sql/sql.lisp: PRINT-QUERY now computes column sizes correctly 
	with null attribute values. 
	* sql/operations.lisp: modify SQL concatenation operator to accept 
	unescaped || symbol.  
	* sql/syntax.lisp: modify sql reader macro function to accept 
	unescaped sql concatenation operator. 
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: unescape sql concatenation operator. 
	* tests/test-syntax.lisp: unescape sql concatenation operator. 
	* TODO: remove items done. Add notes about SQLITE/MYSQL backends. 
	Note to add test for universal-time. Note about difference from 
	CommonSQL in transaction handling. 

13 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Add deferred-employee-address
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: Add deferred retrieval testgs
12 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.17
	* LATEST-TEST-RESULTS: Run on all platforms, add AMD64
	* sql/sql.lisp: Add FOR-EACH-ROW macro from clsql-classic/sql.lisp
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-uffi-api.lisp: Fix row-pointer type
	* *: Fix minor style warnings
	* clsql-classic: Remove system and subdirectory
	* clsql-base: Remove system and subdirectory and
	fold into clsql system
	* doc/intro.xml: Remove reference to old clsql-base. Add x86_64
	as supported platform.
12 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.16: CLSQL now fully supports AllegroCL AMD64
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp: work around return-type bug [spr28889] in
	Allegro 7.0beta AMD64
	* db-odbc/*.lisp: Add a layer of indirection to foreign-type
	of ODBC longs since this type can vary on 64-bit platforms depending
	upon the compilation options of unixODBC.
	* db-mysql/mysql-api.lisp: Fix int vs. long slots in foreign
	structures found by testing with AllegroCL 7.0b AMD64.
	* db-*/*-loader.lisp: Load 64-bit libraries on 64-bit platorms
	* sql/objects.lisp: Simple implementation of UPDATE-OBJECT-JOINS.
	Initial caching support for SELECT
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: Avoid using cache when testing select.
	* sql/kmr-mop.lisp: Explicitly check slot order and
	store as a cl:*feature*
	* sql/recording.lisp: Remove additional types to
	increase CommonSQL conformance.
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Change a :column attribute
	to test symbols as value
	* sql/relations.lisp: Remove functions since they don't support
	many to many relationships.
	* examples/clsql-tutorial.lisp, doc/csql.lisp: Remove use
	of add-to-relations function and replace with explicit field settings.
	* base/classes.lisp: Remove obsolute query-stream. Add record-caches slot.
9 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.15
	* LATEST-TEST-RESULTS: results with current version
	* sql/kmr-mop.lisp: Make CMUCL reader macros specific for cmu18
	since cmu19 has opposite order of class slots.
	* sql/objects.lisp: Fix (setf slot-value-using-class) for Lispworks
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: Renumber SELECT tests to avoid overwriting
	a previous test
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Check test-database-underlying-type for
	ODBC/MySQL tests
8 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* sql/operations.lisp: complete remaining operations for the sql 
	* sql/classes.lisp: add new classes: SQL-BETWEEN-EXPRESSION, 
	* tests/test-syntax.lisp: add tests for new operations. 
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: add tests for queries based on new operations. 
	* tests/test-init.lisp: add select/20 to tests skipped for sqlite and 
	select/20, query/5, query/7 and query/8 to tests skipped by mysql. 
	* TODO: removed entries done. 

8 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* tests/benchmarks.lisp: Add immediate vs. deferred
	join test.
8 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.13: Now works on openmcl 0.14.2 
	* sql/objects.lisp: Add :retrieval :immediate for
	object selections
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Add non-index fields for testing 
	join class employee-addresss
	* test/test-oodml.lisp: Add tests for retrieval immediate
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Handle differences in direct-slot-definition 
	values which are now listifed by openmcl 14.2.
	* sql/objects.lisp: more framework for supporing immediate retrieval 

7 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* docs/intro.xml: Upload location of a README file
	* sql/metaclass.lisp: Work-around openmcl's CHANGE-CLASS
	changing the type-specifier. Use a lisp type of (OR NULL FOO)
	for a specified-type of FOO unless :db-constraints :not-null.
	No need to specialize finalize-inheritance for openmcl.
	* tests/test-*.lisp: Rename fields so that joins occur on
	fields with different names. This ensures that join code is
	selecting the proper name.
	* test/test-init.lisp: Add :base-table for employee-address
	view class for testing.
	* sql/objects.lisp: Use view-table rather than name of table
	in a number of places to fix errors noted with using :base-table.

6 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
        * sql/objects.lisp: replace *update-records-on-make-instance* with 
        *db-auto-sync* which also controls both automatic creation of 
        new records on creation of new instance and updating of record 
        fields on setting of instance slots (as suggested by Edi Weitz). 
        * tests/test-init.lisp: replace *update-records-on-make-instance* 
        with *db-auto-sync*. 
        * sql/package.lisp: replace *update-records-on-make-instance* 
        with *db-auto-sync*. 
        * TODO: replace *update-records-on-make-instance* with *db-auto-sync*. 
        * sql/objects.lisp: remove redundant rebindings of *db-initializing* 
        and *default-database* in FIND-ALL. 
	* sql/package.lisp: import time functions from CLSQL-BASE. 
	* tests/test-time.lisp: replace CLSQl-BASE package qualifier with CLSQL. 
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: replace CLSQl-BASE package qualifier with CLSQL. 
	* tests/test-init.lisp: replace CLSQl-BASE package qualifier with CLSQL. 
	* tests/test-ooddl.lisp: replace CLSQl-BASE package qualifier with 

4 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* sql/classes.lisp: Add SQL-OBJECT-QUERY type. Have [select 'class]
	now return a sql-object-query type rather than directly performing a query.
	This improves CommonSQL conformance.
	* sql/sql.lisp:	Add new QUERY method for SQL-OBJECT-QUERY. Move
	from basic/basic-sql.lisp the DO-QUERY and MAP-QUERY since they now
	depend on sql-object-query-type.
	* sql/loop-extensions.lisp: Move from base package
	* classic/package.lisp: remove references to map-query and do-query

4 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* TODO: New section on optimizations, especially optimizing JOINs.
	* sql/objects.lisp: Have :target-slot return of list of lists rather
	than a list of cons pairs to be conformant with CommonSQL.
	Make :target-slot much more efficient by using a SQL inner join
	statement and just requiring one SQL query. Add :retrieval :deferrred
	to target-slot joins. Add placeholder for update-objects-join.
	* sql/classes.lisp: Add :inner-join and :on slots to sql-query class
	and process them for query output-sql. 

4 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.11
	* base/basic-sql.lisp: Avoid multiple evaluation
	of query-expression in DO-QUERY
	* sql/objects.lisp: Make SELECT a normal function.
	SELECT now accepts type-modified database identifiers, such as
        [foo :string] which means that the values in column foo are returned 
        as Lisp strings. Add new *update-records-on-make-instance* special
	variable controlling automatic creation of new instances. Add missing
	RESULT-TYPES keyword to FIND-ALL. Add :target-slot support.
	* sql/packages.lisp: Export *update-records-on-make-instance* 
	* test/test-oodml.lisp: Add tests for :target-slot and many-to-many
	* test/test-fdml.lisp: Add tests for type-modified
	database identifiers.
	* test/test-init.lisp: Stop using add-relation since implementing
	many-to-many joins. Use *update-records-on-make-instance* 
	to automatically store records on instance creation. Add many-to-many
	employee-address view-class.
4 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.10
	* base/loop.lisp: Add object iteration. Use :result-type
	:auto for result-set. Remove 
	duplicate (and non-correct) code for non-list variables by
	simply making an atom variable into a list. 
	* sql/package.lisp: Remove unnecessary clsql-sys package
	and replace it with clsql.
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Properly store specified-type from
	direct-slot-definition and then store translated type in
	* sql/classes.lisp: Don't output type in sql-output
	for SQL-IDENT-ATTRIBUTE. This is in preparation for supporting
	[foo :integer] as fields in SELECT.
	* sql/query.lisp: Set default for :result-types to :auto in
	* sql/objects.lisp: Use specified-type when invocating 
	database-get-type-specifier. def-view-class macro now returns
	the class instance.
	* base/basic-sql.lisp: Make :AUTO the default value for
	* sql/objects.lisp: Add bigint type
	* test/tests-basic.lisp: Add tests for :result-types for
	* test/test-fdml.lisp: Add test for result-types in LOOP
	and also using single symbol rather than a list for variables.
	Add test that default :result-types is auto for FDML QUERY.
	* test/test-syntax.lisp: Don't expect TYPE in the SQL-OUTPUT
	* test/test-oodml.lisp: Enable OO loop iteration test,
	modify it so it doesn't depend on boolean where.
4 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* Version 2.10.9
	* sql/objects.lisp: added derived type specifier for universal time. 
	* sql/package.lisp: added #:universal-time to clsql-sys exports. 
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: added test for translation of boolean slots 
	in SELECT with object queries. 
3 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp: Fix changing nil to "NIL" 
	for odbc/postgresql backend.
	* db-odbc/odbc-sql.lisp: Fix ATTRIBUTE-TYPE so that
	it can handle NIL values from the ODBC driver
	* tests/benchmarks.lisp: New file with initial
	benchmark suite
	* sql/relations.lisp: fix to add subclassing support,
	minor optimizations [Edi Weitz]
3 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.8	
	* base/conditions.lisp: Add *backend-warning-behavior*
	special variable.
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-sql.lisp:
	Honor value of *backend-warning-behavior*
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: Remove test of raw boolean value
	since different backends handle this differently. Add
	test for :column attribute.
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: Add tests for boolean slot value
	and for :void-value attribute
	* tests/test-init.lisp: Use *backend-warning-behavior*
	to suppress warnings from postgresql about implicitly
	creating primary key in tables. Add new address table.
3 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.7
	* db-odbc/odbc-dbi.lisp: Convert TINYINT to integers when
	result-types is :auto
	* sql/objects.lisp: Properly handled writing/reading Boolean
	values from SQL database when retrieving objects.
	* test/test-fdml.lisp: Add another test for boolean results
	* test/utils.lisp: Fix incorrect declaration
2 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* Version 2.10.6
	* sql/generics.lisp: add generic function for SELECT. 
	* sql/objects.lisp: make SELECT a method specialisation. 
	* sql/classes.lisp: MAKE-QUERY now calls SELECT if the selections 
	referred to are View Classes. 
	* base/basic-sql.lisp: in DO-QUERY and MAP-QUERY, if the 
	query-expression arg evaluates to a list, then we have an object 
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: add tests for DO-QUERY and MAP-QUERY with 
	object queries. 
	* TODO: remove items done and add a todo for SELECT. 
	* sql/objects.lisp: SELECT takes a :field-names arg to pass on to 
	* sql/sql.lisp: add :field-names arg to QUERY. 
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: minor rework to use :field-names arg to 

2 May 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk)
	* sql/objects.lisp: fix bug in FIND-ALL when SELECT called with 2 
	or more View Classes. 
	* sql/objects.lisp: make the :flatp argument to SELECT work with 
	object queries. 
	* sql/objects.lisp: make SELECT accept a :result-types argument 
	(defaults to :auto) which is passed on to QUERY.  
	* sql/objects.lisp: SELECT returns field-names as a second value. 
	* tests/test-ooddl.lisp: add flatp arg to SELECT calls as appropriate. 
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: add flatp/result-types arguments to calls 
	to SELECT and take only first value as appropriate.
	* tests/test-fdml.lisp: add two new tests for query result coercion 
	and the field-names returned as a second value from SELECT. 
	* tests/test-oodml.lisp: add flatp arg to SELECT calls as appropriate. 
1 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.6-pre1
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Add void-value slot
	* doc/csql.xml: Update def-view-class documentation
	* test/test-init.lisp: Change old :db-type to :db-kind.
	Remove old :nulls-ok attributes.
	* sql/objects.lisp: Add new universal-time and bigint
	types. Optimize reading of integers using parse-integer
	rather than read-from-string.
	* */*.lisp: Merge clsql-base-sys and clsql-base packages
	into clsql-base package
	* classic/sql.lisp: Move large object support into base, leaving
	classic without any functionality that is provided in the clsql
	* classic/package.lisp: Rename clsql-classic-sys package to
	its former nickname of clsql-classic
1 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.5: SQLite backend now passes all result-types tests
	* clsql-sqlite.asd: Depend on clsql-uffi system
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-sql.lisp: Use clsql-uffi:convert-raw-field
	for efficiency and code reuse. 
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-api-uffi.lisp: Change (* :char) to (* :unsigned-char)
	for better cross-implementation compatibility.

1 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.4
	* sql/tables.lisp: Fix typo in CACHE-TABLE-QUERIES
	[Marcus Pearce]
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-sql.lisp: Fix foreign-string vs. cstring
	bug on SBCL in result-field-names function as reported by Marcus Pearce
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-sql.lisp: Fix  in database-store-next-row
	manifest in SBCL testing
1 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.3
	* sql/database.lisp: Conform more to CommonSQL output
	for STATUS command [Marcus Pearce]
	* sql/sqlite-sql.lisp: Rework to use result-types
	* sql/sqlite-api-clisp.lisp: Add compatibility layer
	with sqlite-api-uffi.lisp so that sqlite-sql.lisp can
	be cleaned up of most clisp reader conditionals
	* sql/test-init.lisp: Now run field type tests on sqlite
30 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.2
	* base/basic-sql.lisp: Set default value of :result-types 
	to :auto for more CommonSQL conformance. 
	* test/test-fdml.lisp: Add tests for numeric value of fields

30 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.10.1: New API function: CACHE-TABLE-QUERIES.
	* base/basic-sql.lisp, db-*/*-sql.lisp: More CommonSQL conformance.
	Return field names as second value for QUERY. This can be overridden
	for efficiency with the new keyword :FIELD-NAMES set to NIL
	in the QUERY invocation.
	* test/test-fdml.lisp: Add tests for new field-name feature
	* sql/metaclass.lisp: Remove old Lispworks cruft
	and replace it with invocation of new code in kmr-mop.lisp
	which actually works with Lispworks 4.2
	* doc/ref_clsql.xml: Document new :FIELD-NAMES keyword to
	QUERY function
	* base/db-interface.lisp: Document the multiple values
	returned by DATABASE-ATTRIBUTE-TYPE so matches the
	undocumented CommonSQL behavior. 
	* sql/table.lisp: Add *CACHE-TABLE-QUERIES-DEFAULT* and
	*DEFAULT-UPDATE-OBJECTS-MAX-LEN* variables and export them.
	LIST-ATTRIBUTE-TYPES now conforms to CommonSQL spec.
	* db-odbc/odbc-sql.lisp: Fix attribute-type function
	* test/test-fddl.lisp: Add tests for attribute type	
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Mild optimization in accessing
	field structures.
	* base/classes.lisp: Add attribute-cache slot to database clas
	* base/initialize.lisp: initialize-database-type now automatically
	loads database-type backend as needed.
	* base/test-init.lisp: Utilize new initialize-database-type functionality.
	* TODO: remove items done
30 Apr 2004 Marcus Pearce (m.t.pearce@city.ac.uk) 
	* Version 2.9.6
	* sql/objects.lisp: remove create/drop-sequence-from-class. 
	* sql/objects.lisp: add INSTANCE-REFRESHED generic function. 
	* sql/objects.lisp: improved CommonSQL compatibility for
	* sql/generics.lisp: move generics from objects.lisp to here. 
29 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.9.6-pre1
	* db-mysql/mysql-client-info.lisp: Add client version 4.1
	* sql/sql.lisp: Make *default-database* the default for
28 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.9.5
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Fix bug in transaction capability
	* sql/objects.lisp: Commit patch from Slawek Zak to allow specifying 
	:metaclass in DEF-VIEW-CLASS invocation. This allows defining classes 
	on a metaclass specialized from standard-db-class.

24 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.9.4: Multiple changes to support Allegro's "modern"
	lisp which uses a lowercase reader and has case-sensitive symbols
	* sql/classes.lisp: Fix make-load-form bug for sql-ident-table
	exposed by case-sensitive mlisp. 

22 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.9.3: All tests now pass on all platforms!
	* LATEST-TEST-RESULTS: New file with summary of test results
	* sql/generics.lisp: New file for generic function definitions.
	* test/test-init.lisp: Display names of skipped tests.
	Use unwind-protect to ensure disconnect
	* sql/objects.lisp: Change database-type to database-underlying-type
	so that actual database engine is properly identified
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp: Have default *time-conversion-function*
	return an ISO timestring for compatibility with other drivers.
	Workaround bug in MyODBC for LIST-TABLE-INDEXES
	* test/test-fdml.lisp: Accomodate that odbc-postgresql driver
	returns floating-point values for floor and truncate operations 
	* db-aodbc/aodbc-sql.lisp: Implement DATABASE-LIST-VIEWS
	* tests/test-basic.lisp: Port to regression tester
	* test/test-init.lisp: Output to *report-stream*
	* docs/appendix.xml: Document ODBC and SQLite backends.
	* sql/classes.lisp: Make output-sql require a database parameter.
	This allows SQL generation to have the proper case to support
	the differences in case handling between CommonSQL API,
	Postgresql, MySQL, Oracle.
21 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.9.2: Improvments in database capability introspection
	and querying. Support transactions in MySQL where available.
	All tests now pass on MySQL and SQLite in addition to postgresql
	and postgresql-socket. ODBC fails only with OODDL/TIME/1 and OODDL/TIME/2.
	* db-odbc/odbc-sql.lisp: Add DATABASE-LIST-VIEWS. Better support
	* clsql-uffi.asd, clsql-mysql.asd: Improve shared library loading
	* Database_capabilies: add HAS-VIEWS, HAS-CREATE/DESTROY-DB,
	* tests/*.lisp: Check database capabilities and remove tests which
	the database backend does not support
	* sql/table.lisp: Add :TRANSACTIONS keyword to create table which
	controls whether InnoDB tables will be created when supported on
	the underlying MySQL server.
20 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.9.0: New API function: LIST-TABLE-INDEXES,
	supported by all database backends (except AODBC since
	AODBC doesn't support index querying)
	* db-obdc/odbc-sql.lisp: Support DATABASE-LIST-INDEXES
	* db-odbc/odbc-api.lisp: Add %TABLE-STATISTICS function
	to support index queries
	* db-aodbc/aodbc-sql.lisp: Filter driver manager
	"information_schema" tables from LIST-TABLES
	* tests/test-basic.lisp: Remove table after testing
	* tests/test-fddl.lisp: Test LIST-TABLE-INDEXES
	* base/db-interface.lisp: Add DATABASE-UNDERLYING-TYPE
	which gets the underlying type of database -- required
	when dealing with ODBC databases and want to query
	database capabilities. Added DB-USE-COLUMN-ON-DROP-TABLES?
	as first database-backend specific feature. Is T on
	:mysql, NIL on other backends. Change DROP-TABLE to
	query this.
19 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.8.2: Build changes for FreeBSD [Slawek Zak]

19 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.8.1
	* db-odbc/odbc-sql.lisp: Add DATABASE-LIST function 
	* db-odbc/odbc-dbi.lisp: Add LIST-ALL-DATA-SOURCES function 

19 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.8.0: New API function: LIST-DATABASES
	* base/utils.lisp: Fix command-output on CMUCL/SBCL
	* db-*/*-sql.lisp: Add new database-list function
	* base/database.lisp: Add new LIST-DATABASES command
18 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.7.9
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-sql.lisp: Fix sequence functions.
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-api-uffi.lisp: Print error string
18 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.7.7
	* doc/csql.xml, examples/clsql-tutorial.lisp: Patch for db-kind
	from Eduardo Munoz.
17 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.7.6
	* base/objects.lisp, base/classes.lisp: Patch
	for db-kind from Eduardo Munoz
16 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.7.5
	* base/basic-sql.lisp: Fix FLATP in QUERY

16 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.7.3: Implement RECONNECT

15 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.7.2: Fix ODBC on Lispworks Windows

15 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.7.1: Fix for new ODBC backend.
	clsql-odbc now works on SBCL, CMUCL, OpenMCL
	in addition to AllegroCL and Lispworks.

15 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.7.0: New backend: ODBC. Tests as
	well as AODBC backend on Allegro,Lispworks.
	SBCL and CMUCL don't work quite yet.  Requires UFFI v1.4.11+
	* db-odbc/*.lisp: Add ODBC3 function SQLSetEnvAttr
	to explicitly set ODBC2 support. Add BIGINT support.
	Add result-types support. Added SQLTables.
	Fix array type in fetch-all-rows. Make width
	changable by database or query.
	* base/utils.lisp: Add process functions
	* base/package.lisp: Export utils to CLSQL-BASE-SYS
	* db-aodbc: Implement sequence functions,
	database-list-tables, database-list-attributes
	* tests/utils.lisp: Add support for ODBC backend,
	rework READ-SPECS to use +all-db-types+
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Use WITHOUT-INTERRUPTS
13 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.13. Requires UFFI version 1.4.9
	* db-odbc/*.lisp: Further porting.
	Pre-alpha code! But, basic query is now working.

13 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.12
	* base/transactions.lisp: Add quote for macro
	expansion of WITH-TRANSACTIONS [Time Howe]
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-sql.lisp: Support memory database
	in database-probe [Ng Pheng Siong]
	* db-odbc/*.lisp: Initial port to UFFI of SQL-ODBC.
	The DBI layer is not finished.
12 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.11
	* sql/objects.lisp: add :root-class functionality for
	list-classes and add duration type support [Marcus Pearce]
	* db-odbc: Add mid-level [DBI] layer

12 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.10
	* db-aodbc: Add methods for generic functions, some are
	not yet implemented.
	* clsql-odbc.asd, db-odbc/*.lisp: Initial start of ODBC

12 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.9
	* base/package.lisp: Add missing symbols [Marcus Pearce]

12 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.8
	* test/test-fddl.lisp: Cleanup fix [Marcus Pearce]
	* utils/time.lisp: Multiple fixes [Marcus Pearce]
	* sql/sql.lisp: Fix for truncate-database [Marcus Pearce]
12 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.7
	* sql/*.lisp: Remove schema versioning cruft
	[Marcus Pearce]
	* Makefile: Add classic subdirectory
12 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.6
	* sql/sql.lisp: Fix TRUNCATE command, bug reported
	by Marcus Pearce
	* sql/sql.lisp: Remove EXPLAIN function. Postgresql/Oracle
	specific and easy for an application to directly support.
	Idea from Marcus Pearce.
	* base/basic-sql.lisp: Remove DESCRIBE-TABLE top-level 
	API as duplicates LIST-ATTRIBUTE-TYPES [Marcus Pearce].
	Keep low-level interface for future optimization
	supporting LIST-ATTRIBUTE-TYPES command.
	* Makefile: Add to db-sqlite and test directories.
	Include them in top-level Makefile
12 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.5
	* sql/relations.lisp: Add missing file
	* utils/time.lisp: Fixes/extensions [Marcus Pearce]
	* test/test-time.lips: New file [Marcus Pearce]
10 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.4
	* test/test-init.lisp: Properly handle object
	creation. Close database after use.
	* sql/sql.lisp: Make DESCRIBE-TABLE a generic
	function so can have methods specialized on
	table being a string or an sql-table object.
	* base/pool.lisp: Really fix CMUCL locking
10 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.3
	* test/test-init.lisp: Signal correctly
	if any errors occurred in any test suite
	* base/loop-extensions.lisp: Fix error
	introduced for Lispworks
	* base/pool.lisp: Fix locking for CMUCL
	* base/objects.lisp: Remove schema-version cruft
10 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.2: New CLSQL API functions:
	Currently, this are only supported on :postgresql
	and :postgresql-socket
	* base/database.lisp: automatically load ASDF system
	in CONNECT if not already loaded
	* base/tests.lisp: disconnect database after testing 
	* base/*.lisp: Remove CLOSED-DATABASE type in favor
	of storing open/closed status in slot of database
	* base/pool.lisp: Support locks for CMUCL, OpenMCL, SBCL
	* db-postgresql/postgresql-sql.lisp: add DATABASE-RECONNECT,
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-sql.lisp: Add missing slots in database
	* base/conditions: Remove duplicate condition
	* db-*/*-sql.lisp: Fill new database slot DATABASE-TYPE
	* base/recording.lisp: Add new :QUERY type for recording
10 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.6.1: documentation fixes, merged
	classic-tests into tests

10 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
        * Version 2.6.0 released: New API functions
	* doc/ref_clsql.xml: Document new functions
	* base/database.lisp: New API functions
	* base/conditions.lisp: Added CLSQL-ACCESS-ERROR
	* base/utils.lisp: Fix use of position-char.
	Add COMMAND-OUTPUT used by backends for running
	external programs. Fix parsing of SQL*NET-compatible
	* base/loop-extension.lisp: Simplify package use
	for Lispworks and Allegro
	* db-*/*-sql.lisp: Added DATABASE-CREATE,
	* tests/test-init.lisp, clasic-tests/tests.lisp:
	Use destroy-database and create-database to ensure 
	testing with empty database
	* tests/test-connection.lisp: Add tests for
	parsing of string connection-specs
	* examples/run-tests.sh: New file for running
	test suite on all installed CL implementations
	* examples/clsql-tutorial.lisp: moved from
	doc directory
	* examples/dot.clsql-tests.config: New file
	giving an example test configuration
	* test/README: Add notes about rtest/ptester
	downloads and link to sample test configuration file.
10 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.5.1 released:
	* tests/*.lisp: Rework so tests are run
	on multiple backends automatically based
	on the contents of ~/.clsql-tests.config.
	Reuse helper functions from classic-tests.
	* base/database.lisp: Support connection-spec
	as string for CONNECT
	* classic-tests/tests.lisp: Automatically
	load database backends as needed. 
09 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
        * Version 2.5.0 released:
	All tests for CLSQL and CLSQL-CLASSIC pass
	on all platforms.
	* base/loop-extension.lisp: Add Lispworks
	loop-extension. Improve type specifying on
	other platforms.
09 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.4.2 released:
	loop extension now supported on Allegro, all
	CLSQL-TESTS pass on Allegro.
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Some optimization
	of compute-slots, be selective when
	ordered-class-slots needs to be called
	instead of class-slots
	* TODO: add URL with documentation on
	extending Lispworks LOOP form
09 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.4.1 released: CLSQL-TESt suite passes
	all tests for postgresql and CMUCL, SBCL, OpenMCL.
	Allegro and Lispworks pass all tests except for
	FDML/LOOP/1 since the loop extension have not yet
	been ported to those implementions.
	* sql/metaclasses.lisp: Added new slot to standard-db-class
	to hold user-specified type. OpenMCL adjustments to compensate
	for its type-predicate function. Since AllegroCL, Lispworks,
	and OpenMCL have different slot orders, added compute-slots
	and ordered-class-slots functions so their slot order matches

08 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.4.0 released: All tests for clsql-classic now finish
	correctly on Allegro, Lispworks, CMUCL, SBCL, OpenMCL for
	mysql, postgresql, postgresql-sockets, and sqlite backends.
	* db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Fix array dereferencing
	* classic-tests/tests.lisp: Fix package name of
	* clsql.asd/clsql-tests.asd: Add support for asdf:test-op
	* db-sqlite/sqlite-api-{uffi,sql}.lisp: Multiple UFFI fixes,
	now passes tests on all support UFFI platforms.
	* db-postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.list: Ported to 
	SBCL and OpenMCL
	* multiple: Finish renaming of :types keyword to :result-types for
	greater CommonSQL compatibility, including documentation
	* sql/basic-cmds.lisp: Remove obsolete file
08 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Version 2.3.3 released
	* Fixes for sequences on mysql and sqlite [Marcus Pearce]
	* Fixes for uffi sqlite backend [Aurelio Bignoli / Kevin Rosenberg]
	* Fix for schema table [Marcus Pearce]
	* Add loop extension support for SBCL and OpenMCL [Marcus Pearce]
	* Fixes to test suite [Marcus Pearce]

06 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
        * db-*/*-sql.lisp: Ensure that expr in
	database-query-result-set is a string
	* Documentation integration
06 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* With for Marcus Pearce's excellent work, I've merged
	his clsql-usql port into clsql. The original clsql
	interface is available in the clsql-classic package.

02 Apr 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Integrate patch from Marcus Pearce 
	adding further support for providing backend for UncommonSQL

10 Mar 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Integrate patch from Aurelio Bignoli for SQLite backend

11 Nov 2003 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Converted documentation to XML format
	* Made package installable with asdf-install

23 Jul 2003 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Add for-each-row macro

12 Dec 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* uffi/clsql-uffi.lisp: return NIL for numeric fields that are NULL
16 Oct 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
        * Add support for SBCL, OpenMCL, and SCL
	* Add *load-truename* to search path for clsql's
	compiled libraries.

01 Sep 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
        * Rework use of file types in .asd files

17 Aug 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
        * Add .asd definition files for ASDF users

31 Jul 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
        * Restructure directories for Common Lisp Controller v3 compatibility

25 Jul 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Also change case of logical host in loader files
	* Rework handling of logical pathnames
05 Jul 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Change case of logical host
14 May 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* clsql-base.system: Added base package that can be used without
	high-level SQL commands. Used for adding support for UncommonSQL.
	* *.system: Reworked logical pathnames to be more consistent with
	Common Lisp Controller.
	* debian/*: Completed initial Debian support
10 May 2002 Marc Battyani (marc.battyani@fractalconcept.com)
	* sql/classes.cl:
	* sql/transactions.cl:
	Added transaction support. Functions/macros added:
	with-transaction, commit-transaction, rollback-transaction,
	add-transaction-commit-hook, add-transaction-rollback-hook

04 May 2002 Marc Battyani (marc.battyani@fractalconcept.com)
	* sql/sql.cl:
	* sql/pool.cl:
	* sql/functional.cl:
	Added pool support in connect/disconnect and with-database.
	Removed with-db-from-pool as with-database can now works with the connections pool

01 May 2002 Marc Battyani (marc.battyani@fractalconcept.com)
	* sql/sql.cl:
	* sql/pool.cl:
	* sql/classes.cl:
	* sql/package.cl:
	Completed connection pool.
	Added with-db-from-pool macro.
27 Apr 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Multiple files:
	Added initial support for connection pool
	* sql/transactions.cl
	Took transaction code from UncommonSQL and integrated
	into CLSQL code. See file for disclaimer about why this
	was added.

23 Apr 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* interfaces/postgresql/postgresql-sql.cl:
	Fix keyword typo in database-read-large-object
	* interfaces/mysql/mysql-loader.cl
	Fix loading on Win32
	* test-suite/tester-clsql.cl
	Fix type coercion of double-float
	* doc/*
	Added debian docbook catalog, made it the default
19 Apr 2002 Marc Battyani (marc.battyani@fractalconcept.com)
	* interface/postgresql/postgresql-api.cl:
	* interface/postgresql/postgresql-sql.cl:
	* sql/sql.cl:
	* sql/db-interface.cl:
	Added large objects support for postgresql.

07 Apr 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* src/postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.cl:
	Fixed find-foreign-function call, eliminated crypt warning
	* Makefiles:
	Multiple improvements
	* sql/usql.cl:
	Moved functionality from low-level interfaces to this file
	via generic functions
	* test-suite/tester.cl:
	Added test with acl-compat-tester, moved others to old-tests
06 Apr 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* src/usql.cl:
	Reinstated commented out sections
	* interfaces/postgresql/postgresql-loader.cl:
	* interfaces/mysql/mysql-loader.cl:
	Updated find-forieign-library support.
	* interfaces/postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-package.cl:
	Fixed require form for Lispworks (Thanks Marc Battyani!)
	* interfaces/postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.cl:
	Fixed eval of def-function for crypt library.
31 Mar 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Added interface to support USQL high-level rouines
29 Mar 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Separated db-interface and conditions from sql/sql.cl
	* Improved foreign library loading testing
	* interfaces/postgresql/postgresql-api.cl
	Added PQisBusy function
	* interfaces/clsql-uffi/clsql-uffi.cl
	Fixed sign error for 64-bit processing
27 Mar 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* interfaces/postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.cl:
	Fixes to read-double-from-socket. Added 64-bit integer support.
	* test-suite/xptest-clsql.cl
	Added testint for 64-bit integers
	* Additons to installation docs
26 Mar 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* interfaces/postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.cl:
	Implemented direct socket reading for field type :double
	* Added usage information for :types to documentation
	* interfaces/mysql/mysql-sql.cl: Fixed type specifiers in atoi,
	atol, atof calls
	* interfaces/clsql-uffi: Created new directory. Split common
	interface routines that use UFFI into this package. Required
	especially to support direct reading of 64-bit integers into
	bignums and bypassing temporary strings.
	* test-clsql.cl: Updated to test postgresql-socket's
	read-double-from-socket function.
	* test-suite/xptest-clsql.cl
	Started work on test suite

25 Mar 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* interfaces/mysql/mysql-api.cl: Added mysql-fetch-fields,
	mysql-fetch-field-direct Got :auto types working
	* interfaces/postgresql/postgresql-api.cl
	* interfaces/postgresql-socket/postgresql-socket-api.cl
	Added pgsql-field-types enum. Got :auto types working.
	* multiple-files
	Renamed :field-types to :types.
24 Mar 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* Added field-types parameter to query, database-query,
	database-query-result-set, map-query. Haven't added code
	to utilize field types, yet.
	* Changed postgresql-socket result set from cons to a structure
	* Updated test-clsql.cl to use automated testing with a config
	* Changed return types of field accessors from cstring to
	(* :unsigned-char).  This prepares for being able to use specified
	type conversions when taking field data into lisp.
	* Added field-type processing for most interfaces. Not done yet.
23 Mar 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* doc/ref.sgml: Updated MAP-QUERY example to use
	*read-default-float-format* (John Foderaro)
	* Extensive work to foreign library loaders and .system files to
	check for successful loading of foreign libraries.
	* Modified test-clsql.cl to allow more modularity and
	automated testing in future release.
        * mysql/mysql-sql.lisp: Added field types
01 Jan 2002 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg.net)
	* mysql/mysql-sql.lisp:
	- Added support for Allegro CL and Lispworks using UFFI layer
	- Changed database-connect to use mysql-real-connect. This way,
	  can avoid using double (unwind-protect)
	- Changed database-connect to have MySQL library allocate space
	  for MYSQL structure. This will make the code more robust in
	  the event that MySQL library changes the size of the mysql-mysql
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