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Sep 14 2006
Version 4.0.0 release with incompatible backward change: 
 - using ANSI mode for MySQL backend
 - reducing case changes in SQL output for symbols which will have an effect
 for users of mlisp (Allegro "Modern" Lisp) .
 - Add support for generating quoted strings in SQL output when
specifying table names as strings rather than symbols. This may have
an effect on applications that use strings as table names and use
inconsistent case in the table names. Previously, those varying case
strings would be mapped to a canonical case unquoted SQL output. But
to accomodate users which need to specify case in table names, this
mapping has been removed.
See ChangeLog entry for details.

Dec 30 2006
Version 3.8.0 released with incompatible backward change. See
the ChangeLog entry for details.

Aug 3 2006
CLSQL 3.0 has been released. The 3.0 release of CLSQL is a major
rewrite compared to version 2.0. New features include:

 - Full CommonSQL backward compatibility with native documentation while
   retaining and adding many improvements beyond the CommonSQL 
 - Extensive (233 tests) regression suite
 - Addition of ODBC and Oracle backends

I wish to acknowledge Marcus Pearce's significant contribution to this
release. He has performed the initial port of Uncommonsql to CLSQL as
well as the initial regression suite and most of the new
documentation. He has contributed to many of the re-design decisions
and new code for CLSQL.

CLSQL's home is http://clsql.kpe.io


Kevin Rosenberg

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